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The Babylonian Mystery Religion.
The New World Order.
Soul Ties.


Babylonian Mystery Religion.


There is a lot happening in this World, which man does not understand. However, God reveals truth through His Word. Truth is seeing things as they really are. God created man and gave him free will. Man has free will to love God or to love himself. Man has that choice. God created man to love Him without being under any obligation. If there is an obligation to visit another person, the visit is not made out of love – but under duty. God does not need man. Why then does God desire that man loves Him? God so enjoyed having a relationship with His Son Jesus that He wanted more sons and daughters – one big happy family. Before man was created Satan was expelled from Heaven. Jesus said that He saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven. Jesus the only begotten Son was there and witnessed it. Satan was tired of praising God and wanted to be praised. “Out!” From that moment on Satan has attempted to spoil God’s plans. Why then did God not destroy Satan right away? God has allowed Satan to tempt man. It does not seem fair. Would it not have been easier for man if Satan had been destroyed? When a soldier joins the army he undergoes physical and emotional training to make him fit for battle. Temptation by Satan is spiritual training for children of God. It builds them up spiritually so that, provided they come through the training process and do not give in to temptation, they are stronger than before. Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. The Scripture says that Jesus was perfected in His suffering. He was morally perfect. He never sinned. Yet God perfected Him through temptation and suffering, so that Jesus was fit for the greatest challenge – to die for the sins of the World. In His message to John on the Island of Patmos Jesus said that there are blessings in the form of a prize for those who overcome sin, the World, the flesh and the Devil. Rev chs 2 and 3. Satan tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God. Why did Adam rebel against God’s authority? It was utter foolishness – as it is each time a man disobeys the Word of God. There is absolutely nothing to be gained and everything to be lost in disobeying or rebelling against God’s Word. This is especially true for believers.

Where does Satan operate? The Bible presents a picture of two spheres or realms of operation – the area of light and the area of darkness. The Devil operates in the realm of darkness and wherever there is spiritual darkness, the Devil will be there. Jude v 6. The Devil was cast out of Heaven into prisons of darkness. The Devil has initiated warfare against believers. God is light and therefore the absence of God means the absence of light. God is light in whom there is no darkness. Gen ch 1 v 3. Light. God created it as an expression of His character. Gen ch 1 v 15. The sun was created to give light to the Earth. Jesus said: “I am the light of the World.” John ch 8 v 12. “He came to His own but men preferred darkness to light.” John ch 3 v 19. John ch 12 v 35-36. Walk in the light while you have the light. He who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going. God operates in truth while Satan operates in deception and untruth. He is called the father of lies. The mind is the area of battle. Satan seeks to control the mind of man. Jesus said that man is to love God with all his heart, his mind and will. The mind is the theatre of the battle.

The Bible is the answer to God’s problem. The human beings He had created in His image had rebelled against Him. What was God going to do about this rebellion so that man could be brought back into a living relationship with God? He could have destroyed mankind there and then and started afresh. However, He had just created this man and woman and loved them. So He did not destroy them. Although God allowed them to live on physically sin brings forth death. The wages of sin is death. Ever since mankind has to face physical death.

God devised an amazing plan to rescue mankind from itself and the consequences of sin and death and to bring man back into a relationship with God. He would send His Son at the right time in the history of this World to die for the sins of the World and everyone who repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour would be welcomed back into a relationship with God their Creator and receive the gift of eternal life. As early as Gen ch 3 v 15 the plan is unfolded in its initial form. A human being born of a woman would crush the head of Satan while allowing Satan at the same time to bruise the heel of the man. Satan would inflict injury on the man but at the same time the man, by His humility and acceptance of God’s will, would crush Satan’s power over mankind. That is the good news to mankind. The question is – who is this human being who will fulfil the purpose of God? His name is Jesus?

There has always been a remnant throughout history, who have loved and obeyed God. Jesus said that He came to bring life in all its fullness, while Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy. Once God’s plan was announced it is perhaps not surprising that Satan should seek to counterfeit it and devise a similar plan but one, which would not lead man into freedom but into bondage, keeping man under the wrath of God.

The challenge to man is to love God with all his heart and obey what God tells man to do. Noah did it. Noah loved God and obeyed Him by building an ark. The Bible says that in the days of Noah there was only one righteous man in the whole World. Abraham did it. He obeyed God and left Ur of the Chaldeas with all its prosperity. Jesus said that Abraham saw my day and rejoiced. Abraham and Noah had grasped the fundamentals of God’s plan to deal with sin. By believing in God they received faith and entered into a personal relationship with God. They obeyed God – each in his own way.

The people had the Word of God from Noah, who was a preacher of righteousness. Gen ch 10 v 8. Ham was the disgraced son of Noah. He ridiculed his father and mocked Noah, who by his obedience to God, had saved his family. Noah was not perfect. Ham saw his father naked and laughed at him to his brothers. The brothers Shem and Japheth walked backwards into the tent and covered their father’s nakedness. Noah proclaimed a curse on Canaan the son of Ham. Cush was a son of Ham and Nimrod was a son of Cush. Nimrod was of the line from Noah, which was not spiritual. Satan used Nimrod to deceive mankind and has done so down through the centuries. Satan is the anti-Christ or alternative Christ. Satan’s plan is for man to save himself by special knowledge and not by accepting Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Special knowledge appeals to pride. Satan has devised a series of religions and religious practices to suit man in different situations and cultures but they all have the same theme. Religion is man’s attempt to reach God on his own terms. The error in religion is that it scales down its gods to a size, which the human mind can accommodate. Christianity is God saying to man through Jesus: “You cannot come to me on your own terms. Believe in Jesus and obey His teaching and I will guarantee that you arrive in Heaven at the end of your life on Earth.”

This was Satan’s plan. The seed of woman has come in Nimrod, who was a mighty man and popular with the people. He was physically strong. The death and resurrection of Nimrod as the sun god was the beginning of what is called the Babylonian mysteries. Down through the centuries the false teaching of the Babylonian religion was that the one promised by God and born of woman had come. In this way through deception Satan has used man’s fallen nature to keep man in darkness and to prevent man from receiving God’s forgiveness and the gift of eternal life. Once again God could have destroyed mankind. However, He allowed them to live on making the sun to shine on the righteous and the unrighteous – those who do right in the sight of God and those who do not. Today man still has the choice to make – to accept Jesus on God’s terms or to choose to worship another god of his own imagination. Satan is well called the god of this World. He holds millions in darkness.

Just as God chose Jerusalem to be His special city, so Satan chose Babylon as his sphere of operations. The Bible is a tale of two cities – Babylon and Jerusalem. Babylon can mean the physical city, the capital of the Babylonian Empire and also all cities of the World and Worldliness. The World is man organised in community without reference to God. That was what the Tower of Babel was all about. The promise of a saviour was perverted. Noah was a type of Christ in that he physically saved his own family though obedience to the Word of God. But the real seed of woman promised in Gen ch 3 v 15 was to come at a future date.

Satan’s plan was that man should commend himself to God’s by his own efforts. God would then be obliged to man to allow man to enter Heaven on man’s own terms. This plan appeals to man’s pride and independence from God. It allows man to make his own decisions. Of course Satan knew that this would not be acceptable to God and that millions of human beings would be deceived and denied access to Heaven. In that way Satan would rob mankind of their opportunity to have a relationship with God.

The Tower of Babel.
The people had the Word of God from Noah. God had said to multiply and spread over the Earth. The people had disobeyed God. They were concerned to make a name for themselves rather than for God. The enterprise was to weld the people together as one society. They were of one language. Language is the basis on which science feeds itself and grows. This was the beginning of the explosion of knowledge. But the knowledge gained was used wrongly. This is similar today when the explosion of knowledge gained (as spoken of by Daniel) is used wrongly. The people in Nimrod’s day wanted to live together in a city. They would be materially better off living in a city. Now 80 % of the population of the World lives in cities. This was not God’s plan for mankind. The sons of Noah were told to replenish the Earth.

Nimrod founded Babylon. The Greek is Babylon. The Hebrew is Babel. The Bible is not the only source of information. Historians have researched the whole story. Ancient classical writers have provided significant information about Babylon’s founder and first king – Nimrod. The word in English means rebellion. The wife of Nimrod was Semiramis. She was very beautiful but also very immoral. Nimrod also founded Nineveh the capital of Assyria. There he was known as Ninus – hence Nineveh. There were statues of Nina all over Nineveh when Jonah arrived there. The statues were of a nude female with a fish coming out of her belly. It is not surprising that the people were interested in Jonah, who had died and come back to life and had just come out of the belly of a fish.

Nimrod introduced the worship of the sun. He was also noted for the use of sorcery and fire in gaining his victories. The sun god was known as Baal. He led a great rebellion against God. False religion had a set back when Nimrod died. Semiramis claimed that Nimrod was now a god in the form of the sun. That may sound foolish but man becomes darkened in his mind when he rebels against the truth of God. There was born to Semiramis a son whom she claimed was the reincarnation of Nimrod. The child was called Tammuz. She claimed that this was the seed of the woman referred to in Gen ch 3 v 15. The very religious people claimed that the secrets were revealed only to a few initiates in the inner circle. The religion came to be known as the Mysteries of Babylon. This teaching spread to Egypt, Greece, Rome, Assyria and India. In time Semiramis came to be called the Queen of Heaven. The idea of a Mother god and Mother Nature gives a feeling of comfort and affection to man. Nimrod was the sun god. Semiramis was worshipped as the goddess of the moon and the stars. Semiramis was pictured as the Mother with child. The worship of Nimrod involved fire and as a result Nimrod was worshipped as the giver of light to mankind. From this came the name Lucifer, the light giver or enlightener. In effect the worship of Nimrod was worship of the Devil himself. Behind the worship at that time were vile and unmentionable immoral activities. Their activities were hidden behind a facade of outward holiness.

Astrology and the signs of the Zodiac are of Babylonian origin. The Ziggarut was built above the desert sands to study the stars. This tower was a stairway to Heaven. It is the most dangerous heresy on Earth. Humanism is man’s belief in man’s supremacy to be able to reach to God by human wisdom and human effort. It expounds what is man’s belief that what man does for God matters more than what God has done for man. The Tower was constructed by human effort. It was all about what man decided to do without any involvement by God. It commemorates human achievement and it confirms human reputation. It asserts man’s supremacy over God. The ziggarurt was a temple as an expression of man’s religious impulses. God found it repulsive to him. God rejects this religious expression since there is no reference to Him. In Ephesians ch 2 there is the alternative stairway to Heaven, where God plans salvation, Jesus purchases salvation and the Holy Spirit executes the plan by coming into the lives of people to restore the relationship with God. It is God’s idea and His purpose. He raises man up through the sacrifice of Jesus. This asserts the supremacy of God and not man.

Every human being is naturally flawed when he comes out of the production line. Babel represents fallen man at his best. It shows man organised, industrious, adventurous and religious. The Tower indicates that there is a god, although what was understood about him shows that there is no understanding of the living God. The builders were self-centred and not God-centred. They were self-seeking rather than God seeking. There was no consultation with God. When Adam sinned man’s love for God died. Self was at the centre of man’s World. They were self-serving and not God-serving. The city was their idea so that there would be greater prosperity. Today millions flock from the countryside into the city in the hope of a higher standard of living. Instead pollution is choking to death the cities and the people living there. They wanted to make a name for themselves, rather than to give God the glory. Most people reinterpret God subjectively to make God fit their self-centred life style and ambition. “I think that God wants this or that.” Prosperity is seen as material rather than spiritual. Man was disobedient in not going out to conquer the whole Earth. They preferred to live in a city but built a tower to acknowledge God. This put them on a confrontation course with God. Man is the object of God’s wrath. “Not by works” is the no-entry sign across the way to Heaven.

The story can be seen as a religious work. The people were building their way to God by their own efforts. The Tower may have been started with sincere motives but soon the project became more important than God. In the same way a Church can become more important than God. Those who stood against it were singled out for ridicule and criticism. The supporters started off with enthusiasm but in the end became enslaved and it became a burden to them. Satan enslaved them since the project was not of God. The project became an obsession to the leaders. Pride was their ultimate motive. The first curse in the Bible for disobedience is confusion. Deut ch 28. That is what occurred. After confusion, division resulted. The World Council of Churches fits well into this category of a project – as does the European Union. It is not of God. The results are the same. 1. Pride on the part of the leaders. 2. Enslavement on the part of the supporters. 3. Confusion and division.

Since the days of Babel various factors have mitigated against a new attempt at a World order or government. Principally God reigns in the affairs of men. He is in control. Rev chapter 4 explains that Jesus alone is found worthy of opening the scroll or the rule of World history. The factors include language, distance, religion or false gods, lack of communication, different currencies, petty aspirations of individual dictators and the fact that many countries were making progress. The Princes of the demonic World do not agree but fight amongst themselves. God had set the boundaries of the nations of the World. It was His idea to divide the peoples into nations. Most countries could and should have been economically successful in themselves. e.g. Congo. Only greed and corruption has ruined the great opportunities afforded these developing countries.

From the Mysteries developed three Beasts. They are part and parcel of the initiation ceremonies. The initiate rites were celebrated in secrecy. The occult is the hidden things. There is a sense of privilege and power in darkness.

First was the Great Red Dragon. Rev ch 12 v 3. Red signifies blood and fire.
Second was the Beast from the Sea. It was part fish and part man Dagon was the fish god. (Samson destroyed the temple of Dagon.)
Third was the Beast from the Earth. It came out of a cave or hole. It was accompanied with all kinds of miracles and sorcery.
Babylon was the centre of occult worship. God called Abraham out of Ur of the Babylonians so that He could begin a new people, who would have nothing to do with such worship but would worship Him as the true and living God. This is a picture of God calling men and women out of a fallen World. God always gives a physical picture to teach a spiritual truth.

The tragedy is that after Israel entered the Promised Land the people joined the pagans in worship of idols. Indeed Solomon married 700 wives, many of whom were foreign. They brought with them their followers and friends and also their foreign gods. Fire and sacrifice were part of the worship of Nimrod. Tammuz means the perfecting of fire. Baal and Molech mean Lord, Master and Possessor. Jer ch 32 v 25. Israel was expelled from the Promised Land because of the worship of Molech and the sacrificing of their children to Molech. Jer ch 15 v 4. Abortion in Britain. 7 million babies have been aborted since 1967. In U.S.A. there have been at least 48 million abortions since 1967.

Baalzebub means Lord of the Flies. Baal was the god credited for ridding the land of tormenting flies. However there is another meaning. Zebub comes from the root word signifying restless motion – hence the name means the Lord of restless and unsettled motion. Satan was challenged by God in Job ch 1 v 7. He answered: ”From going to and fro in the Earth and from walking up and down in it.” The sun god is a picture of light. Lucifer is described as the shining one in Isaiah ch 14 v 12-15. The female goddess is known as Asherah, or Astatre. She was commonly associated with sexual activities.

In Ezekiel ch 8 Ezekiel was led by the Spirit of God to see what was happening in the Temple in Jerusalem. Among several abominations there was the worship of Tammuz and of the sun.

In Daniel when Nebuchnezzar had his dream he called for the sorcerers. Sorcery was common in the land. Daniel interpreted the dream with the help of God. In Revelation Jesus is presented as the only one able to open the seals and be in control of the history of the World. The dream foretold of four empires – the Babylonian, the Persian, the Greek and the Roman. They would eventually collapse in the face of a fifth Empire – the Kingdom of God. When Gabriel came to speak to Daniel he had to fight his way past the Prince of Greece and the Prince of Persia. Each Empire was controlled by a demonic principality. When the Persian Empire defeated the Babylonians the magicians and sorcerers of Babylon were expelled by the Medes and Persians and fled to Pergamum in Asia Minor. This is the place described in Rev ch 2 as the seat of Satan. This might be described as the centre of Satan’s operations on Earth – his headquarters. Satan is a territorialist. He controls territory. They took the Babylonian Mystery religion with them. The Temple of Pergamum has been rebuilt in the Pergamum Museum in Berlin. Berlin is the capital of the largest country in the reformed Roman Empire. Have the demons followed the Temple to Berlin? Since it was rebuilt in Berlin there have been two World wars and 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Many millions of other peoples were killed.

In Pergamum the kings were called Sovereign Pontiff. That name was to re-emerge later as the name for the Roman Emperors who came to be worshipped as gods.

In Daniel’s vision in ch 11 v 38 speaking of the anti-Christ he describes one who worships the god of forces or fortifications. This is another name for Nimrod – the Babylonian god. This is the god Daniel says will be worshipped by the one who is possessed by Satan and known as Anti-Christ.

In the Roman Empire religions were tolerated – all except true Biblical Christianity. In the days of the early Church the Mysteries manifested themselves in the Gnostics. Paul and John wrote in part to counter the false teaching by the Gnostics. The word means special knowledge. They taught a mixture of Christianity and Babylonian Mysteries. The Gnostics were presenting a religion with aspects of Christianity mixed into it. They believed that all religions had in them something divine but no one had a full and complete revelation from God. This teaching features in the modern Ecumenical Movement and New Age teaching. John was at pains to point out that Jesus is the embodiment of truth – “I am the truth” – and the only way by which a man could come to know God and have a relationship with Him. In the days of the early Church there were many heresies. Actually they were just the same as today – Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses etc but were known by different names. Satan is the master of deception.

All the major religions of the world stemmed from the Babylonian Mysteries. Constantine’s religion was at best nominal. At worst it was counterfeit. He was probably a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The title of the Roman Emperors was Pontifax Maximus. This meant that they were the head of the Mysteries of Babylon. Constantine continued to hold this title. The Church and state became one. This is always a danger for the Church. Many political leaders like to be regarded as Christian in order to gain respect but deep down are far from servants of the living God.

The Roman Church welcomed in all kinds of superstitions and ceremonies – as they still do today. The Church of Rome had enormous influence over what is commonly regarded as Christianity today. Pagan titles were given to the Roman Emperors – like “father” and “your holiness.” The Pope means papa or father. The Pope adopted pagan symbols. The mitre worn by the Pope was the pagan mitre of the fish head of Dagon. The colours of scarlet and purple were those of the Babylonian Mystery religion. Daniel was clothed in Scarlet by Belshazzar. The Church of Rome finally became the centre of the Mysteries of Babylon. Mass became an act of sacrifice. The secret worship was dressed up in acceptable religious overtures. The Lord’s Supper has been turned into a re-enactment of Christ’s sacrifice. The thin wafer in the form of a round cake symbolised the sun. Nimrod was the sun god. The Mass claimed that the wafer is changed into Christ. Jesus was presented as an angry judge and Mary as a gentle mediator. The people were encouraged to pray to Mary to intercede with the angry Jesus. The Catholic religion developed as a religion of salvation by works and not by grace. The scales of good deeds were weighed against the bad deeds. These were the scales of Annubus mentioned in Daniel ch 5 v 27. Tekel means that the person has been weighed and found wanting. This is exactly the same as the teaching in Islam today. There is a common belief on the part of unbelievers that, if a man does his best, God will be pleased with him. This belief stems from the Roman Catholic and Liberal Church. What is the pass mark? God’s pass mark is 100%. No one can attain that except by receiving the righteousness of Jesus. Purgatory teaches that souls suffer for a time after death for their sins. The prayers of those on Earth are supposed to help them through into Heaven. Jesus said that it was appointed for man to die once and then the judgement. The fires of Baal and Molech were supposed to purify the souls. This was widely believed by pagan Rome. Tammuz is the perfecting fire. The halo is to symbolise the sun divinity of Babylon. Candles come from Babylonian worship. Candles tend to be superstitious. However they also symbolise the light from Nimrod, the false Messiah. Even the cross was only introduced into the Church in 431 A. D. The cross is an ancient symbol of Tammuz – the T. The God of Israel is not a perfecting fire but a consuming fire. Heb ch 12 v 29.

The festivals of the Church were introduced to accommodate pagans. They have an appearance of Christianity but are taken from the Babylonian mystery religion. Christmas was worship of the sun god. Nimrod was regarded as the unconquered sun. The Church of Rome tagged the birthday of Jesus onto this pagan festival. Santa is an anagram of Satan and is dressed in red – the Babylonian colour. This deceives children who learn that it is a lie. When they reject Santa, they reject the whole story of the birth of Jesus. The use of anagrams was a device of the Occult to confuse the uninitiated as to the true meaning. Jesus was certainly not born on 25th December. He was probably born at the Feast of Tabernacles in late September – early October. The festivals add colour and provide religious symbols and traditions but have no basis in the Bible. The idea of Santa flying through the air is like witchcraft.

Easter is the goddess of Spring and new life. She is known as Astarte and Asherath – otherwise as Semiramis. Hot cross buns have the figure T on them – for Tammuz. Cakes were made for the Queen of Heaven. Layer and layer of deception and untruth are linked to the Babylonian Mysteries. Jesus says that man is to worship God in Spirit and truth. God would send the Holy Spirit to lead man into all truth. Satan is the master of deception and lies. In various ways Rome turned the Church into a religion barely different from other religions – largely because the roots were the same as other religions.

There is an interesting comparison between Nebuchadnezzar and the Emperor Vespasian both sent armies against Jerusalem to destroy the Temple of God in Jerusalem. The temple was destroyed on exactly the same day of the year in 586 B. C. and 70 A. D.

Rev ch 17 v 5. Rome was Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. The great city was Rome was built on the seven hills. In the early fifth century the Church of Rome established the doctrine of apostolic succession and claimed that the Church of Rome was the one true Church of Christ outside of which there is no salvation. Eventually the Pope assumed both temporal and spiritual sovereignty to become the same as the Roman Emperors – Potifex Maximus. The Emperor placed himself in the same position as the Babylonian kings. So the Roman Empire – the fourth empire spoken of by Daniel – reigned in the World. It was made up of the nations of Europe. As Daniel prophesied all attempts to unite Europe failed because the iron will not mix with clay. Down through the centuries true believers died terrible and cruel deaths when they opposed the rule of the Pope.

Islam arrived on the stage of World history at the beginning of the seventh century. Long before Mohammed the tribes of Arabia worshipped the Moon god under the name of Allah. The symbol of the crescent moon was used as a symbol of the pagan Allah. The father of Nimrod – Cush – was worshipped as Meni or Manai, which means “the numberer.” At the centre of the pagan worship in Mecca was the square stone temple called the Kabah. Is there a statue of the moon god Allah inside the Kabah? This remains a mystery. There are many similarities between the Church of Rome and Islam. Perhaps the most telling similarity is that both have consistently persecuted both the Jewish people and true believers. The wife of Mohammed was called Khadijah and she was a devout Romanist. There is evidence of involvement of the Roman Church in the establishment of Islam. It may be asked – why then is there so much animosity between the Catholic Church and Islam? It is important to understand that Demonic princes are fallen beings and do not agree with each other and themselves fight for supremacy. Islam has fought for control of the World. On two occasions at Paris and Vienna the armies of Islam were defeated and Islam retreated from Europe until the Twentieth century. The wealth generated by oil has given new importance and power to Islam, which now openly seeks again to establish a World Islamic Republic.

During the time of the Crusades instigated by the Pope in 1095, which led to 200 years of wars in the Middle East there arose an organisation known as the Knights Templar. They adopted many practices of eastern Mysticism, drawing on the secret societies of the Babylonian Religion.

The next group to emerge, which held to the Babylonian Mysteries were the Jesuits. They were a powerful force in the Church of Rome against the Reformation in Europe. The founder of the Jesuits was Ignatius Loyala. He became the general to whom total loyalty was given by his inferiors. The Jesuits specialised in warfare by stealth and deception undermining the enemies of the Roman Church. They became the military arm of the Roman Church to defeat those who opposed the Roman Church. The teachings of the Jesuits include: 1. The leader is beyond questioning. 2. The end justifies the means. This was derived from the Gnostics. 3. The right of following one secret policy whilst openly stating something quite different in the eyes of the World. Half-truths and lies are permitted, if it for the greater good of the society. There is no absolute standard of morality. The Jesuits increased the worship of Mary in the Roman Church. They also pursued their aims of undermining Protestant Churches and nations by infiltration and sabotage. They reached positions of great power in many European countries and at the same time accumulated vast wealth and property. By the eighteenth century they were feared by monarchs and were driven from friendly countries. However this was in public only. Their activities continued in greater secrecy.

At this time the body known as the Illuminati was formed. They became the most important branch of the Jesuits. The name means “enlightened.” They claimed that their involvement with the Babylonian Mystery religion gave them enlightenment. They were in effect worshipping Lucifer – the supposed light giver and illuminator of mankind. Lucifer was not just the sun god of Babylon but was Satan himself. The Illuminati are a small and powerful group, which includes bankers, industrialists, scientists, military and political leaders, educationalists and economists. They have accepted the Luciferian doctrine and give loyalty to no nation. Their plan is to obtain control of the World and everything in it. To do this they use the promise of wealth, luxury, self-esteem and pleasure to lure men into their trap from which there is no escape. They also plan to destroy Christianity and all religion and to bring a total change of government.

In the process the leaders of the Illuminati slipped into Freemasonry and continued their devious plans for control of the World. In 1782 the two were officially united. Freemasonry is widely seen as a means to gain advancement in society or in employment. It also engages in much charitable work, especially helping fellow masons or their dependants in hardship or trouble. However the members of the lower degrees do not know what is hidden to the members of the higher degrees. The true god of Freemasonry is Lucifer or Satan. Those who think that it is possible to be a Freemason and a Christian should know that it is forbidden in Freemasonry to use the name of Jesus in prayer or worship. The leaders have surrounded themselves with a cloak of respectability of the members of the lower degrees. The theme running through Freemasonry is that man can attain salvation by good works. The pentagram or five- pointed star is a common symbol of Freemasonry as of witchcraft and Satanism. It symbolises the horned goat, Baphomet or Lucifer. There are other names for the god of Freemasonry. Jahbulon embraces Jahweh, Baal and On – the sun god of Egypt. Satan is also known as Abbadon. Rev ch 9 v 1-4. He is king of the demons of the bottomless pit. The name in English means “destruction.”

With all these attempts by Satan to control the World it is important to remember the verses in Daniel ch 2 v 21 and Revelation ch 4 that the one who is in control of the World and every minute detail is Jesus, the only one found worthy to open the seal and control the affairs of this World.

New Age. This is Satan’s latest attempt to deceive the peoples of the World. It sounds good. It is new. It is modern – for this age. It is for the Twenty first century. Man has come of age. Man is grown up now and does not need the crutch of religion. It is religion, which has caused so many wars and division in the World. However New Age is a religion. It is pantheism – the belief that God is the sum total of all that exists. There is no personal God but a god force. This energy or god force flows through all living things – plants, animals and human beings. Man therefore is part of God. It is the same Satanic lie to Adam and Eve – you shall be like gods. Humanity will take a leap of progress. There will be a new age of enlightenment and man will be able to do as he has never done before. A New Age has come with a New World Order. In the culture of the West “old” means redundant. Only the “new” thing is good. Even the “Old Testament” is considered by many believers as redundant. Many in New Age are into channelling of spirits. The individual is given an ascended master or spirit guide (otherwise a demon) to guide him in his life. New Age embraces re-incarnation – man will never die. It all ties in with witchcraft and occultism. Mysticism is a gentler way of saying occultism. It is no surprise that pantheism originated in Babylon. The ancient Babylonian religion had an occult priesthood. The highest priests took their orders from Satan. The demonic spirits, with whom the priests communicated, became the gods and goddesses of the mystery religions. It was for this reason that God commanded through Moses that the people of Israel worship no other gods. The Lord knew the dangers. God forbids witchcraft and dealings with the dead. Meditation other than on the Scriptures is emptying the mind and allowing seducing spirits to influence the mind of man. Hypnosis is a dangerous activity as it allows the mind to be controlled by another. Constant exposure to television allows the person watching to be brainwashed. Many cannot tell the difference between fictitious characters and real people. Many of the alternative medicines are influenced by spiritual powers. New Age people are involved in control of the population of the World by aids, disease, genocide, abortion and wars. Millions are dead, who should still be alive.

The New Word Order.
The whole story of man’s attempt to run the World without reference to God is so big and complicated and there are so many things done in secret that it is almost impossible for any man to grasp what is happening. The trouble is that when it becomes clear it will be too late to stop it.

There are detailed plans afoot for a New World Order. President George Bush regularly talked about the New World Order. The great barriers to mankind regulating their World as one large unit have been language, distance and self-interest. Suddenly the nations of the World sat up and realised at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 that mankind is destroying the planet. If the nations do not get their act together, there will not be any planet worth fighting for. Someone or somebody is going to have to take control or mankind will either blow itself to pieces, starve itself to death or poison itself to death. Year after year, century after century, the legacy of man’s rage, jealousy and greed has spilled blood across the pages of history. It is time something was done to stop this human carnage. The economies of the World are lurching out of control. The cry is ringing out from every nation – “Surely there is a better way to organise our World.” Those who advocate a New World order are trying to answer several questions.
1. Why is there suffering in the World?
2. Why is there evil in the World?
3. Will there ever be lasting peace?
4. Will man ever love his fellow man?
5. What does the future hold for me?

It would be wrong to question the sincerity of those who seek answers to these matters. But it has to be said that God has spoken and the answers are contained in the Bible. Man generally and few World leaders today will acknowledge the Truth as revealed in the Bible. Man seeks to solve his problems his own way. It need not come as a surprise that Christianity is seen an as enemy of the leaders. The Bible speaks of the futility of man’s efforts to rule this World without reference to God. In this way the World leaders do exactly what Nimrod and his colleagues did so long ago. President Bush wanted to be a World ruler. Actually there is far worse in store for mankind.

There are good logical arguments for wanting a World Government – an end to war – greater resources made available to controlling disease and poverty – control of global warming and pollution. Without a World government one people affected by the activities of another can only ask the other or go to war over it. The very control of water supplies is becoming critical. If Sudan and Ethiopia were to use up all the waters of the Nile, the Egyptian economy would collapse.

The greatest World power today is America. Many of the founding fathers of America were Freemasons and they sought to establish a New World Order in the United States. The great seal of the United States appears on each dollar bill. It shows a pyramid with a Masonic triangle containing the all seeing-eye of Osiris and the Latin words Novus Ordo Secolorum. This means in English “New World Order.” However the power basis is shifting to Europe since Europe is now the World’s biggest market. The Fourth World power seen by Daniel in his vision is the Roman Empire reformed under the Treaty of Rome. All the founding fathers of the European Union are Catholic. Step by step the Empire has been built up. The symbols of the Empire are all taken from the Babylonian religion. The European Parliament building has been built on the design of the Tower of Babel. All over Europe are pictures or statues of the Woman on the Beast called Europa. At the centre of Berlin the capital of Germany – the largest country in the European Union is the Museum of Pergamum. Has Satan moved his sphere of operation from Babylon to Berlin?

The Black Pope and the White Pope. The White Pope is the friendlier face of the papacy. The Strings are pulled behind the scenes by the Black Pope.

At the U. N. tiny countries have the same vote as the superpowers. U S A. has contributed by far the most of all the countries despite having had only one vote. Coupled with a one World Order is the plan for a One World religion. Basically all religion is man’s attempts to reach God on their own terms. The ecumenical movement brings the people of the World together into one religion. There are so many similarities that it is possible for Satan to do this. Their roots are the same and their objective is the same. They have a spiritual basis for union, since all worship Satan. Behind every false religion is a demonic principality.

Satan’s tactics.
The Kingdom of God is the rule of God in the heart of man. Satan is determined to remove God from the throne of the hearts of men and women and to put in God’s place anyone or anything, which will steal the affection and loyalty, which is due to God. One of the chief ways of dislodging God from His throne on the hearts of men and women is to keep them so busy that they do not have time to devote themselves to God. If Satan can stir up trouble, man becomes pre-occupied with his own self-preservation. War, movement of population, poverty and disease all keep man’s attention away from God. War is perhaps Satan’s greatest weapon in preventing the spread of the Gospel.

Since 1945 the number of wars has continued unabated. In 3,358 years of history man can only point to 227 years of global peace. Russia has been at war 75% of the time during her history. From 1,500 B. C. to 1860 man had signed 8,000 peace treaties – with an average life expectancy of less than two years. In that time man has fought 14,531 wars. That amounts to 2.6 wars each year. More than 600 million men have marched off to battle never to return. In the twentieth century and the current century man has made idols of self-reliance, self-confidence and self-centredness. Jesus said that there would be a time of distress on the Earth. Luke ch 21 v 25. The Greek word for distress means “unable to discover a way out” or “coming to an impasse.” The leaders of the World have come to an impasse. There is no way out of the present financial problems. The story of the struggle of man with his sin has been written with the ink of blood and tears. The concluding chapters are now being penned.

It is as if a giant plan is unfolding, everything perfectly on cue. Europe sets its date for union. Communism collapses. A hugely popular war is fought in the Middle East. The United Nations is rescued from scorn by an easily swayed public. A New World Order is announced. Christianity has been battered in the public arena and the New Age religion is in place in the schools and corporations and among the elite. Then a financial collapse accelerates the move toward a World money system. Countries cannot afford defence. They will gladly turn over their defence to the United Nations, along with their sovereignty. Television is a great tool of the enemy. It portrays violence, sex, materialism, and it trivialises the important things like life and marriage and makes important the trivial things, such as appearance and idols. Prior to World War II there was a conference held at Evian le Bain on the shore of Lake Geneva. The nations of the World came together to decide what to do about the Jewish people in Europe. One by one they departed with no concrete proposals. Hitler knew that he could do what he liked with the Jewish people. God shook the World because of the attitude by the peoples of the World towards the Jewish people. They abandoned the Jewish people to Hitler and the Nazis destroyed 6 million Jewish people. Then God brought His people back to His land.

What hopes for a better World and for its citizens would a New World Order hold out? Utopia would be on offer. The E. E. C. – now the E. U. has meant an end to war in Europe and proved to be a material success, in the stable economic climate of peace. Why not extend it to the rest of the World? People are yearning for peace. If the money spent on weapons were to be spent on economic development, urgent steps need to be taken to prevent pollution of the sea, land and air. Individually the countries of the World are not prepared or able to act. The ecological balance of the Earth could be preserved. Food needs to be distributed Worldwide. If there were a central World currency, there would be an end to currency imbalances. There could be control of nuclear weapons and other chemical and biological weapons. Genocide could be prevented.

Satan’s tactics throughout history include fear, revolutions disorder, chaos, movement of population, poverty and disease and dictators and terrorism. All of these militate against an orderly society where there is stability and time to reflect and build up relationships and to worship God.

World control has been the plan of Satan through all the ages. “Follow me! Obey me! Worship me! You shall be as gods and the glories of this World shall be mine.” The international bankers are driving toward complete control of the World’s long-range monetary policy for their own profit. They even ferment wars to aid this objective. “No man can buy or sell or live in my one World society, unless he takes the number of our Universe.” Satan will use brilliant men to promote the World system. They will persuade the people that it will lead to peace and prosperity. The World leader will rise to power with flattery and gain complete control of the military and monetary powers of all nations.

The One World Order or New World Order. It is the same offer Satan gave to Jesus in Mat ch 4 v 8-9.
The Bible only tells man all he needs to know about salvation. It touches on history and geography because it is set in a real situation and real people. It is not a history book as such but is selective history from God’s point of view to get across the message He wants to bring. Satan is always the master of deception moving from one name to another. The idea of greater prosperity, an end to war and freedom from the God of Israel appeals to the people of the World. Is this what is behind support for the Palestinians? In the last one hundred years there has been a concerted attack on the truth of the Bible and there has been an enormous growth in occultic activity. The founders of the Mormon Church and the Jehovah’s Witnesses were both Freemasons. In Rev ch 20 v 7 God said that towards the end of time He would give Satan more room for activity. Partly this is God testing mankind and partly He is allowing man to have what in his free will he wants – freedom from the Law of God. God is still in total control and uses Satan to punish mankind. Satan is always the instrument of God’s wrath and judgement but Satan is never out of God’s control for one second.

The power of Mammon.
It is all about money – wealth. Jesus said: “You cannot serve Mammon and God.” Mammon was the Canaanite god of wealth. Paper money is reaching its limits and a new method of money is needed – a cash-less society with every man having a number on a massive computer. Daniel ch 11 v 36. He who controls the supply of money dictates policies. Europe is the Roman Empire reconstituted by the Treaty of Rome. The centre of World trade is moving from U.S.A. to Europe as the financiers see greater profits in Europe. The Chancellor of Germany may well be the Anti-Christ – the leader of the one World government. It is still Satan’s plan. His demonic princes do not always agree with him and fight for their own territory. Money was always central to power. “Give me control of the finances of the country and I care not what policies you decide to introduce.” Rothschild. The leading financiers were Masonic. The power of money brings pressure to bear and money gives opportunity to convey messages.

The theme of Daniel and Revelation. God is in ultimate control and uses Satan to achieve His own objectives. It will happen. God has said so. The Jews and the believers will be the problem and will be dispensable. Is this the abomination of desolation – when the Anti-Christ states that it is right to kill those who stand opposed to his great design for mankind. That is what Antiochus Epiphanes IV did. The peace of this World is not the peace, which Jesus gives. The first president of the Council of Europe Paul Henry Spark said: “Send us a man who can hold the allegiance of all people, and whether he be God or the Devil we will receive him.”

International bankers. The House of Rothschild became the most powerful banking house in Europe. By 1850 it represented more wealth than all the royal families of Europe combined. The founder used as his logo a red six-pointed star or hexagram. The Rothschilds financed the Illuminati. The Rothschilds rule the U.S. through their foundations and control the Council on Foreign Relations. They attempted to establish the first League of Nations in Vienna after the Napoleonic wars. In order to achieve their goal of World domination, they would have to instigate a series of world wars, which would result in the levelling of the Old World Order in preparation for the construction of the New World Order. They are prepared to finance both sides of the war. They have put governments in power in the U. S. A. in order to get their way.

Clues about the Anti-Christ.
Jesus promised that God would send the Holy Spirit to lead believers into all truth. God Himself in His Word gives man many clues to help identify Anti-Christ. Satan entered into Judas. He came in person for the really big job and thought that he had won the battle. He will come again and possess the man called Anti-Christ – the World ruler in the last phase of World history. He is referred to as the man of sin. Actually he will not acknowledge sin. Sin is a personal affront to God. Rev ch 13 v 11-18 says that he can be identified by the number 666. There are many numbers used in the Bible to teach truths. Every letter in the Chaldean, Greek and Hebrew languages has a numerical equivalent. So the words have a numerical value. Latin has only a few letters with a numerical value. M. L. C. X. V. I. Examples in Scripture are 7 – perfect. 10 – complete. 8 – a new beginning. 9 – judgement. 40 – testing or wrath. 12 – government. Rev ch 13 v 18.

Nimrod was also known as Satur. The numbers add to 666. In Hebrew it is Sethus. This also adds to 666. The Vicar of Christ in Latin equals 666. The words “wealth” and “tradition” in Greek add to 666. The last 7 words of a dying Church are – We have always done it this way. In Deut ch 17 v 14. God told Moses that the people would ask for a king like the other people. The King must avoid 3 things. 1. Trading with Egypt, which signifies going back to the ways of the World. 2. Marrying many women. 3. Seeking for silver and gold. In 1 Kings ch 10 v 14. Solomon received 666 talents of gold. Solomon craved for gold and it turned his heart from God – just as God knew it would. In Acts ch 19 v 24-27. Demetrius the silversmith opposed Paul’s preaching about Diana the goddess. The silversmiths made their wealth by selling silver idols of Diana. The word “wealth” adds to 666. Paul’s opposition to the wealth of Demetrius landed him in great trouble.

There is much confusion today regarding male and female gods. There is Mother god and the worship of Mary. Men are straying away from the clear Biblical distinctions between male and female. Unisex hairdressers, homosexuality, lesbianism, transsexuals and feminism.

The mark of the Beast. Quite how this will work is not clear but the Anti-Christ will set up a system whereby in order to trade and eat and drink it will be necessary to have a mark or symbol indicating loyalty to his system.

Conclusion. Ephesians ch 6 v 10-17. Never in the history of the World has it been more important to pay attention to these words of Paul as the time of Anti-Christ draws ever nearer.

New World Order

THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Gen ch 11. Ezekiel ch 8. Rev ch 13. Daniel ch 11 v 20-39.

Ever since Satan was thrown out of Heaven it was Satan’s plan to control the World. He wanted to take control away from God. He even offered the position to Jesus, if He would bow the knee to Satan. Mat ch 4 v 9. Jesus did not come to be the latest attraction. After the Flood there was the incident when Ham mocked his father Noah. He laughed at his drunkenness and nakedness. The other two brothers Shem and Japheth covered up Noah’s nakedness. Gen ch 9 v 23. Noah spoke a curse over Ham and his descendants – Canaan, Cush and Nimrod.

God commanded Noah and his 3 sons to spread out across the Earth and repopulate and replenish it. God set the boundaries of the nations. That was God’s idea. This meant geographical dispersion. They did that. Japheth went to the North and populated Europe. Ham went to the south and populated Africa. All the people of black Africa are descended from Ham. Seth remained in Asia – in Persia. The teeming nations of Asia are descended from him. The descendants of Shem were called Shemites or Semites. Hence the birth of anti-Semitism. In Luke the ancestry of Jesus is traced back to Shem. Gen ch 11 v 1-9. Before the Flood there were many languages spoken but after the Flood all people spoke the language spoken by Noah and his family.

Nimrod defied God. He wanted to keep people together in a city in the land of Shinar – Iraq – at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Nimrod wanted to keep people together in a city and under Nimrod the people formed a city in Babel. This would weld them together. It would avoid them being scattered over the face of the Earth. It was in direct opposition to the command of God, and as such was sin. God has to punish sin. Nimrod wanted to build a reputation for himself. He built a high tower at Babel. This was humanism. They were humanitarian in their efforts for one another. They used their combined energies to exalt themselves. Nothing in their plans involved faith in God or submission to Him. It is most likely that this was a ziggarut. It was high above the plains. From the top the people could study the stars above the dust of the plain. The tower was a monument to man. This was saying: “Look what we have done. We can manage by ourselves without God.” They wanted to keep God out of His World. God destroyed their key asset in building a World order without Him – their common language. God confused their language and dispersed the people over the face of the Earth. Babel means confusion. It is God’s World and He wants it back. Man shook his fist at God: “Keep out of my World.” It is God’s World and He wants it back. God destroyed their key asset in building a World order without Him – their language. Language is the basis of science or knowledge. God nipped the growth of knowledge in the bud, because it was being used for the wrong motive. Today 80 per cent of the population of the World lives in cities.

Gen ch 11 v 6. “Nothing they propose to do will be impossible for them.” Now in 2014 man has landed a probe on a comet hurtling through space. Instead of worshipping God, the people in Babylon had turned their worship to animals, heavenly bodies, demons and other human beings. They used their combined energies to exalt themselves. This early experiment in World government was based on pride, self-exultation and self-interest. If it were allowed to proceed, God knew that it would destroy personal faith in Him. He would not have a personal relationship between Himself and individual human beings. This would not have been in the interests of God or of mankind. From that day to this the nations of the World have seldom been in unity on anything.

Since the days of Nimrod there have been many attempts to build a New World Order. They have all failed. Persia in the days of Daniel ruled most of the known World. Alexander the Great came close to ruling the known World. Rome wanted to rule the World. Napoleon and Hitler both had dreams of controlling the World. Russia and America have fought for control. In more recent times Islam wants a World Islamic Republic. Babylon is always the centre of rebellion against God. Nebuchadnezzar. Saddam Hussein had ideas of running the World, if he could get control of the oil in the Middle East. Revelation chs 17 and 18. Babylon is the picture of the World – man organised in community without reference to God. Religious man wants to keep God at a distance. All religion is man attempting to reach God on his own terms. Jesus was God saying: “How do you do. I am pleased to meet you.” The religious leaders had only two alternatives – bow the knee or get rid of Him. Britain is the 23rd Empire to fall.

Something has to be done to control the spiralling economic crisis and pollution. Isaiah ch 24 speaks of the World in the end days lying polluted under its inhabitants. Pollution of the air, the sea and the land has this result – it has brought people together in a common vulnerability in relation to the dangers facing them on the environment. Is global warming a real threat to the well-being of the inhabitants of the planet? Time will tell. Sin is now so serious that the well-being of the World is threatened. The economic position is in crisis. Man is again attempting his own self-preservation but without reference to God. There is a need to act together with one single government able to make effective laws or all men will die. One country can affect others by polluting the air with forest fires or by felling trees and causing flooding. Only a World government can force the offending countries to stop their course of action and preserve the well-being of other countries. There is a genuine fear of countries like Iran having weapons of mass destruction and pursuing their own agenda. Many countries face bankruptcy. The 20th century was a century of war, pestilence and natural disasters on a scale not hitherto known. There are no signs that the present century will be any better. There is a genuine fear of Iraq and Iran having weapons of mass destruction.

The Old World Order has never known lasting peace. Year after year, century after century, the legacy of man’s rage, jealousy and greed has spilled blood across the pages of history. Scan the pages of history and find that people would gladly accept the rule of a tyrant, when their only alternative was anarchy. Rome brought the Pax Romana – a measured peace but at a cost in personal freedom. Many countries face bankruptcy. In Acts ch 1 v 6 the Disciples asked Jesus if He would at that time restore the physical kingdom to Israel. Yugoslavia under Communism was relatively peaceful.

Today in the second decade of the 21st century 80 per cent of the population of the World lives in cities. Today there are plans well advanced for a New World Order – a new way of organising mankind. Man is again attempting his own self-preservation but without reference to God. Sin is now so serious that the wellbeing of the World is threatened. Today is an age of warped priorities. In an age when man went to the moon, 65 % of the population of the World is underfed.
Today is an age of horrendous cruelty and war. Torture is practised by almost every country in the World.
Today is an age when greed has grabbed non-renewable resources to a point unequalled in history. The air, the land and the sea are polluted and poisoned.
Today is an age when there is a revival of superstition.
Today is an age when the Church is dominated by officialdom.
Today is an age when the Church has lost its vision.

The Old World Order has been crumbling in recent years. As the World lurches from crisis to crisis the cry is ringing out from every nation – “Surely there is a better way to organise our World.” Some of those who advocate the New World Order are genuinely trying to answer some basic questions, which confront mankind.
1. Why is there suffering in the World?
2. Why is there evil in the World?
3. Will there ever be lasting peace in the World?
4. Will man ever love his fellow man?
5. What does the future hold for me and my family?
Others are less genuine and have a far more sinister agenda.

The Old World Order has been crumbling in recent years. The gross national product of the Soviet Union has been dwindling for years. Yet the West never heard that the Soviet State was in decline. There are some who say that the events since 1989 in Eastern Europe have been carefully orchestrated by the K. G. B. Over the past 200 years – since the French Revolution, when one million Frenchmen died, and the Russian Revolution, where 2 billion were held in slavery to the State and at least 100 million died – the term – the New World Order – has been the code phrase of those who desired to destroy the Christian faith. They wanted to replace it with an occult-inspired World socialist dictatorship.

Are there plans underway to merge the interests of the U.S.A. and the former Soviet Union in the United Nations and to install a socialist World Order in place of the free market system? The U.S. Constitution was made for sinners. It was presumed that man was sinful and that sinful man could not be trusted. During the past three decades power has been turned over to a non-elected body. Five of them can effectively control the moral and social destiny of the nation. The colonial policy of Britain was to bring to the colonies education, sanitation, the rule of constitutional law and some kind of economic order.

The United States are leading the way in proclaiming a New World Order. Despite the best attempts of man over the centuries various factors have mitigated against any attempt at a New World Order or government. The differences in language: the distances between nations and the lack of quick communication: different religious beliefs (the Princes of the demonic World do not agree but fight amongst themselves): individual currencies: the fact that many countries were making progress: and the petty aspirations of individual dictators controlled by greed and corruption. The Princes of the demonic World do not agree but fight amongst themselves. All these have prevented the enormous wealth of countries like Congo from being prosperous.

Factors today are different from anything in over the last 4,000 years.
Now there is virtually a common language in English.
Now there is almost instant communication through telephone, fax and the internet.
Now there is easy communication with train and air travel.
Now computers have radically altered the difficulties of communication. Instant translation by way of computers has also eased these difficulties.
Now money can be transferred electronically and the technology is in place for a cash-less society.
The obstacles preventing a New World Order are falling away one by one.the World has become a smaller place.

The E. E. C. has paved the way to show the benefits of getting together. One of the most compelling arguments was that it would ensure peace amongst countries, which had been at war for years. The Euro or common money makes for easier trading. The collapse of the Iron Curtain has made trade and the flow of information available.

Daniel prophesied a World Order at the end of time. Daniel saw five Empires. Babylon – military. Persia – religious. Greek – humanism. Roman – economic. The Kingdom of God – spiritual. All five are in existence today. There are benefits economically with improvements in health and education. God uses it to spread the Gospel. Roads increase trade and employment. E. E. C. means larger markets and a level playing field and an end to currency imbalances with the Euro. Daniel ch 11 v 36. Europe is the Roman Empire reconstituted by the Treaty of Rome. The centre of World trade is moving from U.S.A. to Europe as the financiers see greater profits. A future Chancellor of Germany may well be the Anti-Christ – the leader of the one World government. It is still Satan’s plan. His demonic princes do not always agree with him and fight for their own territory.

Those seriously wanting a New World Order are not all insincere. Many sincerely want a better World. They see this as the best way of improving and controlling the development of the World in the interests of the peoples of the World. It is apparent that he cannot be, unless he joins together with others. It is no longer possible in the complicated and developed World for a man to be self-sufficient. Market forces are such that each has to join into a group in order to progress. Many are genuinely attempting to solve the problems facing the World – but their plans will not work out. A man can be sincere and wrong, if his decisions are not based on fact or truth. Basically man wants to be his own god without reference to any authority from above. The leaders listen with eagerness when Satan whispers into their mind: “You shall be as gods.” It is what they want and Satan encourages them to believe that it is possible. The first president of the Council of Europe was Paul Henry Spark. He said: “Send us a man who can hold the allegiance of all people, and whether he be God or the Devil, we will receive him.”
Now there is an attempt to fight terrorism.

In order to achieve a one World government national sovereignty must be eliminated. The Director of the World Health Organisation said in 1991: “To achieve World government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individual loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”
Hitler said: “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”
Benjamin Franklin said: “A nation of well-informed men, who have been taught to know and prize the rights that God has given them, cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

What hopes for a better World for its citizens would a New World Order hold out? Utopia would be on offer. The E. U. has meant an end to war in Europe. It has proved to bring material success in a stable economic climate of peace. Why not extend it to the rest of the World? The Euro or common money makes for easier trading. The World is a smaller place. The collapse of the Iron Curtain has made trade and the flow of information available. People are yearning for peace. Urgent steps need to be taken to prevent pollution of the sea, land and air. Individually the countries of the World are not prepared or able to act. Food needs to be distributed Worldwide. The money spent on weapons could be spent on economic development and the environment. Then the ecological balance of the Earth could be preserved. If there were a central World currency, there would be an end to currency imbalances. There could be control of nuclear weapons and other chemical and biological weapons. Genocide could be prevented. Utopia! The trouble is that every utopia presumes that it can build a perfect World Order with imperfect people. Contrast the proposed World Order with the order, which God has devised for those who accept His blueprint for order in the World.

In terms of the New World Order, which is well planned and ready to be put into operation, the World has been divided into 10 regions – just as the prophecy of Daniel states. Daniel saw a succession of Kingdoms or empires right up to the end of the World. Satan has been busy using every trick at his disposal to bring it about. Piece by piece it is falling into place. It is good to remember the theme of Daniel and Revelation. God is in ultimate personal control and uses Satan to achieve His own objectives. It will happen. God has said so. While believers should be concerned they should not fear.

It is all about money – wealth. Jesus said: “You cannot serve Mammon and God.” Mammon was the Canaanite god of wealth and prosperity. Jesus put it quite simply – choose whether you will worship Mammon or God. Paper money is reaching its limits and a new method of money is needed – a cash-less society with every man having a number on a massive computer. Satan knows that the one who controls the supply of money dictates policies. The House of Rothschild is now one of the most powerful banking houses in the World. Along with other financiers they control vast amounts of wealth.
All things being equal, the control of money is the ability to bring prosperity or disaster on a nation. Any nation, which gives that control of its money creation and regulation to any authority outside itself has effectively turned over control of its own future to that body. If the central banks of Japan, Germany and the U.S.A. were to unite or merge, a handful of people could control the money and credit of the entire World. They could affect the fortunes of every single human being and could control any government or public leader. This day is coming much closer than anyone believes. Various foundations e.g. the Ford Foundation can give away vast sums. However, it chooses to study and propagandise the nation on matters of foreign policy.

The control of money is the ability to bring prosperity or disaster on a nation. A nation may give the control of the creation and regulation of its money to any authority outside itself. If it does it has effectively turned over control of its own future to that body. If the central banks of Japan, Germany and the U.S.A. were to unite or merge, a handful of people could control the money and credit of the entire World. They could affect the fortunes of every single human being and could control any government or public leader. This day is coming much closer than anyone believes. Various foundations e.g. the Ford Foundation can give away vast sums. However, it chooses to study and propagandise the nation on matters of foreign policy. The prophecy of Daniel chapters 7 and 11 v 36. saw such a man coming onto the stage of World history in the end days. Just as Satan entered Judas, so he will enter the World dictator. How close is this day?

Behind the scenes there is the Establishment in every country. It has enormous power. In the U.S.A. it has controlled the economic and foreign policy objectives of the U.S. for 70 years or more. Their principal aim is a one World government. The control of the money would be in the hands of one or more privately owned but government chartered central banks. The C. I. A. during most of the years since its creation has been under the control of the C. F. R.

Printed on the reverse side of every U.S. dollar bill is the great seal of the U.S. The designer was Charles Thomson, a member of the Masonic order. The seal shows the pyramid and the eye along with a line from Virgil: A new order of the ages. The call for a New World Order has continued from 1782 to the present day in different times and places. The term “New World Order” has a different meaning to the general membership from those in the inner circle of the organisation promoting it. To most the term is imprecise and uncertain. The question is, which definition is being used on the occasion of its use. The Council on Foreign Relations CFR is the non-governmental body, which advises presidents and politicians. The new order will be an order of money, accompanied by hyper-individualism and unprecedented materialism.

Oil is at the centre of all activity in the World. The industrial nations need a steady flow of oil. A contract named “Eurabia” was entered into in the Sixties to ensure a constant flow of oil to the European countries. In exchange they agreed to allow immigration of Muslims into European countries. The contract made one thing clear. The Muslims would not be required to integrate into the countries where they chose to live. There is usually a price to be paid for everything. So the World is moving relentlessly towards what has been prophesied – a One World Government. Why is God allowing this to happen? Firstly because He gives man free will and that is what the vast majority of men want. Secondly, God uses Satan as His instrument of punishing man for his sin.

The theme of Daniel and Revelation is that God is in ultimate control and uses Satan to achieve His own objectives. It will happen. God has said so. The Jews and the believers will be the problem for those seeking to establish a One World Government. They will be dispensable. Is this the abomination of desolation spoken of by Jesus? Will the Anti-Christ state that it is right to kill those who stand opposed to his great design for mankind. That is what Antiochus Epiphanes IV did.

In Revelation chapter 13 John describes two beasts. The beast from the sea and the beast from the land. A beast represents a strong powerful thing. Throughout the centuries the two powerful forces have worked against true faith in God. They are the state or government of the land and organised religion. Coupled with the One World government there are plans well in place for a one World religion. All religions will be accepted into the new One World Religion – except true believers in Jesus and the Jewish people. They will be dispensable. Is this the abomination of desolation spoken of by Jesus? Will the Anti-Christ declare that it is right to kill those who stand opposed to his great design for mankind. That is what Antiochus Epiphanes IV did.

Nimrod was not just a political leader but also a spiritual leader. The Word of God does not tell man everything. It only tells him everything he needs for salvation. Satan had a master-stroke – one which has deceived and is still deceiving the vast majority of the population of the World to this day. God devised an amazing plan of salvation to rescue mankind from itself and the consequences of sin and death. It is unfolded in its initial form as early as Gen ch 3 v 15. A human being born of a woman would crush the head of Satan. At the same time Satan would be allowed to bruise the heel of the man. Satan would inflict injury on the man. The man, by His humility and acceptance of God’s will, would crush Satan’s power over mankind. That is the good news to mankind. This passage speaks of Jesus born of Mary 2,000 years ago. It is easy to see that now. It was not so easy to see it 4,000 years ago. God’s plan would bring man back into a relationship with Him. He would send His Son at the right time in the history of this World to die for the sins of the World. Everyone who repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour would be welcomed back into a relationship with God their Creator. They would receive the gift of eternal life.

Satan had an alternative plan. It was that man should save himself by his own efforts and by special knowledge. This has always appealed to the pride of man. Satan twisted and perverted the plan of God. Nimrod was married to Semiramis. She was very beautiful but highly immoral and licentious. Nimrod introduced worship of the sun and fire – as the earthly representation of the sun. From the earliest times the sun god was worshipped under the name of Baal. In this way Nimrod led a rebellion against God in both the physical and spiritual realm. He worshipped the created thing rather than the Creator. When Nimrod died, Semiramis claimed that Nimrod was now a god in the form of the sun. When she subsequently had a son she claimed that he was a reincarnation of the hero Nimrod. Then she made the false claim that this was the promised seed of the woman in Gen ch 3 v 15. The name of the child was Tammuz. This secret about Nimrod being the sun god and saviour of man was initially revealed to only a few men – to those who had been initiated. This religion came to be known as “The Mysteries.” The Babylonian Mysteries spread rapidly throughout the ancient World. It is the basis of most religions in the World today – that man can achieve his own salvation by his own works. The deified Nimrod was worshipped as the giver of light to mankind. From this came the name of Lucifer – the light giver or enlightener. It can be seen that worship of Nimrod is worship of the Devil himself.

Through this deception Satan has used man’s fallen nature to keep man in darkness. Satan prevents a man from receiving God’s forgiveness and the gift of eternal life. Once again God could have destroyed mankind. However, He allowed them to live on making the sun to shine on the righteous and the unrighteous – those who do right in the sight of God and those who do not. Today man still has the choice to make – to accept Jesus on God’s terms or to choose to worship another god of his own imagination. Satan is well called the god of this World. He holds billions in darkness.

Astrology and the worship of the sun, moon and stars was practised in Babylon. The people worshipped the created things rather than the Creator. Babylon was the centre of occult worship. That is why God called Abraham to come out of her. He wanted to do a new thing so that men would worship Him alone. It is a picture that a believer is to come out of the World. It is one reason why God told the Hebrews to wipe out the peoples living in the land of Canaan when they entered the land. These people were deeply into the Mystery religion. The Babylonian Talmud says: “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” For almost 4,000 years these five points have been the modus operandi of the Canaanite heirs. The Canaanites were the business people of the Middle East – the bankers, businessmen and financiers. Today these men control the World Order. Yet this is unknown to those whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave and massacre. These instructions are a command to commit genocide against the people of Shem and Christians. The Shemites give rise to anti-semitism. Is it any wonder that anti-semitism is on the rise all over the World? Ezekiel ch 8 v 14. God showed Ezekiel that even in Jerusalem the people were worshipping Tammuz – the false Messiah.

Dan ch 5 v 24. During Belshazzar’s Feast the words: “Mene, mene, tekel and parsin” were written on the wall. Belshazzar had been weighed on the scales and found wanting. The teaching of many religions is that a soul will proceed to Heaven, if on balance his good deeds outweigh his bad deeds. This is the teaching of Islam – the Scales of Anibus will determine the fate of man. Many Churchgoers have exactly the same idea that if they live a good life God must be pleased with them.

Just as the Hebrews or Israelites has to fight a spiritual battle against the Mystery religions in Canaan, the early Church leaders had the same battle against the Gnostics. Peter and John countered the teaching of the Gnostics. They were the ones with the supposed secret knowledge. They denied the Trinity. They claimed that Jesus was a spirit and not a real man. That is why John stresses that Jesus was a man and was also God.

What about the various secret organisations, which have operated against the true Church over the centuries? Each merits time on its own. The Gnostics, the Knights Templar, the Rosticrucians, the Jesuits, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, and now New Age. All have claimed that they are the enlightened ones. New Age sounds attractive and innocent – a new modern spirituality for the 21st century. But it is the same dark Satanic religion encouraging a man to worship Satan. Satan has never altered his intentions to rob, kill and destroy.

The Knights Templar were established in 1118 A. D. during the Crusades. They adopted many practises of Eastern Mysticism as they built up great wealth.

The Rosticrucians were a branch of the Templars.

Then came the Jesuits formed by Ignatius Loyala in 1534. As a society they fought against the Reformation to keep people in the Roman Church. They were like religious police or a religious army. One principle of the Jesuits is obedience to the Superior rather than to God. Another principle is that the means justifies the end – there is no absolute standard of morality. Each man has his own standard. A third principle is that it is in order to hold to a secret policy, while declaring in public a different policy. With regard to Iraq the political leaders claimed there were WMDs and they wanted regime change. In reality the policy had been to control the oil reserves of Iraq. The Jesuits were behind the worship of Mary and the use of the rosary – the thought director and the sacred heart – worship of the Babylonian Messiah. They have been and still are the political power behind the papacy headed by the Black Pope. They revitalised the Inquisition with all its brutality.

The Illuminati or Enlightened Ones were established by Weishaupt in 1776. This was an occult society linked to Freemasonry and really a branch of the Jesuits. They are a small and powerful group, which includes bankers, industrialists, scientists, military and political leaders, educationalists and economists. They have accepted the Luciferian doctrine and give loyalty to no nation. Members at the lower levels are told that they were working for Christian unity throughout the World but in fact they were plotting a New World Order. They are planning a World Satanic religion – the return to nature and human reasoning as the basis for religion and the destruction of Christianity. Their plan is to obtain control of the World and everything in it. To do this they use the promise of wealth, luxury, self-esteem and pleasure to lure men into their trap from which there is no escape. They also plan to destroy Christianity and all religion and to bring a total change of government.

Adolf Hitler in his book called The Occult and the Third Reich said: “National Socialism will use its own revolution for the establishing of a New World Order.” The Humanist Manifesto of 1973 speaks of building a World community. New Age writers also advocate a new World Order. National sovereignty must be eliminated in the formation of the New World Order. The Director of the World Health Organisation said in 1991: “To achieve World government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individual loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”

Roman Catholicism is a counterfeit mirror of Christianity. Almost all the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church are based on the Babylonian Mystery religion, dressed up to resemble Christian beliefs. It has sought to impose itself as the spiritual and temporal ruler of mankind, with the Pope as the nominal head. The Roman Emperors were known as Pontifax Maximum. This symbolised that they were head of the Babylonian Mystery religion. The Roman Church dressed up pagan religion with Christian terminology. It has given the impression that worship was centred on Jesus. Actually it is truly centred on Nimrod. It embraces nominal Christian teaching along with superstition and pagan ceremonies. The colours of red and purple are from Babylon as are the halos, purgatory, the wafer, the candles, the festivals of Christmas on 25th December dedicated to the worship of Nimrod the sun god and Easter in place of Passover, sainthood, the Mother and child and Mariolatry. The Catholic religion is based on salvation by works – the scales of Anibus in Babylon.

Down through the centuries Satan has used various dresses to cover up his master plan for a One World Government and a One World Religion. Today it is New Age. It sounds good and modern but is the same Satanic lie – “You shall be as gods.” With its emphasis on alternative medicines it is drawing people into spirit guides and altered states of consciousness. The ‘Great Work’ is a process of illuminating the human soul to a state of ‘apotheosis’. It will be completed when the whole human race achieves this state. The Mysteries hold to the Platonic ideal wherein humanity is a singular organism. Adherents view humanity as one collective being, and the individual must sacrifice for the benefit of the whole. Yet the individuals in question are you and me. The New World Order is intertwined with the New Age Movement. The most successful human conspiracies are never discovered. There is always a shortage of evidence. Men are easily diverted from the truth that the love of money is the root of evil.

The plan to establish one world government is not new. It is a long established goal of those who practice the ‘Mysteries’. The Mystery Religion is the oldest of all the world’s religions. In fact all the worlds religions stem from the Mysteries except true Orthodox Judaism and true Biblical Christianity. The Mystery Religion stems back to ancient Babylon. The Initiates of the Mysteries have a goal they term the ‘Great Work.’ They hold this to be a benevolent world dictatorship. It is the sort of benevolent dictatorship Adolf Hitler wanted. Adolf Hitler was himself an Illuminist and a member of the Thule Society. The entire SS were also initiates.

Socialism and communism have their roots in the Mystery Religion. And despite what so-called experts may say, there is little difference between socialism and communism. The U.S.S.R. stood for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. People are initiated into the Mysteries by degrees. Those who possess the correct attributes continue to rise to the higher degrees. This method of progression through initiation ensures the complete indoctrination of the initiate into the philosophical teaching of the Mysteries.

The Gulf War in 1990 had this significance. It was the first time ever that the nations of the World agreed to act in unison with one another against one of its members – Iraq. The unity of action was in the self-interests of the nations of the World. They feared that the price of oil would be under the control of Saddam Hussein. He might then control the economies of the nations of the World. In the Middle East the strong have always preyed on the weak. This is apparent in one Islamic country after another. The U.S.A. gave the green light to Iraq to attack Kuwait. They could have prevented it. Then the U. N. went in at the request of the U.S.A. to protect the oil reserves of the World and the price rise, which could have resulted from Iraq holding a large percentage of the oil supplies. Russia would also have gained, as a main supplier of oil. Why let it happen and incur the costs of 50 billion dollars and the loss of life? At the same time there is hopeless poverty and crushing monetary debt in Third World countries, together with ongoing environmental rape. The poor neither know nor really care about ecology. They are looking only to survive tomorrow. It has to be said that there is considerable evidence of Third World leaders continuing to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor. The twentieth century was a century of war, pestilence and natural disasters on a scale not hitherto known. The distribution of food on a large scale barely meets the overpowering need but, at the same time as appearing to be a humanitarian gesture, it tends to depress agricultural activity in the land where the distribution takes place. Emerging nations such as Zaire (Congo) have been racked by civil war between rival tribes or controlled by army colonels. The result has been that the enormous potential wealth has been destroyed and the nation plunged into poverty. The Earth Summit in Brazil has confirmed that planet Earth is in trouble unless someone does something. The World in which men live is desperate for justice and peace. A cry is rising from every nation in a single voice: “Isn’t there a better way?”

We know that the availability of weapons of mass destruction is a permanent part of man’s society. Having opened the lid of Pandora’s box of evils, we cannot now push the geni back into the box. We have to live with the fact that countries like Iran and Iraq are about to possess these weapons. There is a genuine search for an order in the World, which will prevent these countries from holding the World to ransom. Iraq tried it recently over the invasion of Kuwait. In doing so it forced the other nations of the World to get their act together for self-preservation.

In the Middle East the strong have always preyed on the weak. The U.S.A. gave the green light to Iraq to attack Kuwait. They could have prevented it. Then the U. N. went in at the request of the U.S.A. to protect the oil reserves of the World and the price rise, which could have resulted from Iraq holding a large percentage of the oil supplies. Russia would also have gained, as a main supplier of oil. Why let it happen and incur the costs of 50 billion dollars and the loss of life? At the same time we see hopeless poverty and crushing monetary debt in Third World countries, together with ongoing environmental rape. The poor neither know nor really care about ecology. They are looking only to survive tomorrow. It has to be said that there is considerable evidence of Third World leaders continuing to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor.

On the night of the Feast of Beshazzar, when Cyrus took over the Babylonian Empire the sorcerers of Babylon fled to Pergamum. In Revelation chapter 2 v 13 Jesus refers to Pergamum, where Satan has his seat. In the late 18th century the German Kaiser took the altar at Pergamum to Berlin. Today it stands in the Pergamum Museum in Berlin. As the capital of Germany Berlin led the World into two World wars. Six million Jewish people killed along with fifty million others. Is that where Satan now has his seat? The bankers who control the money supply will lead the World into a Third World War in order to shake the financial system and bring in a One World Government and a One World banking system.

International bankers. The House of Rothschild became the most powerful banking house in Europe. By 1850 it represented more wealth than all the royal families of Europe combined. The founder used as his logo a red six-pointed star or hexagram. The Rothschilds financed the Illuminati. The Rothschilds rule the U.S. through their foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations. They attempted to establish the first League of Nations in Vienna after the Napoleonic wars. In order to achieve their goal of World domination, they would have to instigate a series of world wars, which would result in the levelling of the Old World Order in preparation for the construction of the New World Order. They are prepared to finance both sides of the war. They have put governments in power in the U. S. A. in order to get their way.

The United Nations. Man’s desire is for peace and for an acceptable World environment in which to dwell and have stable employment. The peace of this World is not the peace, which Jesus gives. The New World Order is intertwined with the New Age Movement. The most successful human conspiracies are never discovered. There is always a shortage of evidence. Men are easily diverted from the truth that the love of money is the root of evil. Contrast the proposed World Order with the order, which God has devised for those who accept His blueprint for order in the World. The first president of the Council of Europe Paul Henry Spark said: “Send us a man who can hold the allegiance of all people, and whether he be God or the Devil we will receive him.”

The Christian World stood back in 1939 knowing full well what Hitler planned to do to the Jewish people in Europe. The nations did little or nothing to help the Jewish people. The same situation prevails today as the nations seek to exterminate Israel and the Jewish people. The nations want to ensure the continuation of the flow of oil for their economies. They want to preserve their standard of living and material prosperity and would sacrifice Israel to the Islamic countries as an act of appeasement. It is part of man’s rebellion against the Word of God, the Covenant of God to the Jewish people and the revelation of God to the Jewish people. Mat ch 24 v 24. Jesus said that even the elect would be deceived by Satan’s massive spiritual plan and that is happening today. Believers are commanded to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. They need to know the truth of what is happening in the World or they will be swept away in a tide of deception.

It is as if a giant plan is unfolding, everything perfectly on cue. Europe sets its date for union. Communism collapses. A hugely popular war is fought in the Middle East. The U N is rescued from scorn by an easily swayed public. A New World Order is announced. Christianity has been battered in the public arena. The New Age religions are in place in the schools and corporations and among the elite. Then a financial collapse will accelerate the move toward a World money system. Countries cannot afford defence. They will gladly turn over their defence along with their sovereignty to a World dictator.



Hedonism. Living for pleasure or kicks.

Materialism. Going after things.

Spiritualism. Searching after something – not necessarily truth.

Liberalism. Thinking that the Bible is not all true.

Nominalism. On the surface only.

Humanism. There is no God – only self matters.

Culturalism. People think that they are ” culturally Christian.”

Secularism. God is only on the sidelines.

Relativism. There are no absolute standards. No right and wrong.

Existentialism. Now is all there is.

Greece said: Be wise, know yourself.

Rome said: Be strong, discipline yourself.

Religion says: Be good, conform yourself.

Epicureanism says: Be sensuous, satisfy yourself.

Education says; Be resourceful, expand yourself.

Psychology says: Be confident, assert yourself.

Materialism says: Be possessive, please yourself.

Ascetism says: Be lowly, suppress yourself.

Humanism says: Be capable, believe in yourself.

Pride says: Be superior, promote yourself.

Christ says: Be unselfish, humble yourself.

When money is man’s objective, he must live in fear of losing it. This makes him paranoid and suspicious.
When fame is man’s aim, he becomes competitive, lest others upstage him. This makes him envious.
When power and influence drive man, he becomes self-serving and strong-willed. This makes him arrogant.
When possessions become man’s god, he becomes materialistic, thinking enough is never enough. This makes him greedy.
All these pursuits fly in the face of contentment and joy.

Self-centredness lies at the root of most of man’s spiritual problems. Self-centredness is never more deadly than when it is dressed up as spirituality


Suffering is one area of life where everyone can speak from first hand experience. It is a fact of daily life. Long before television brought pictures of children dying of starvation into homes, man knew all about what it is to suffer. In fact death has been around for a long time and so have the effects of war and physical pain. Many people have thought long and hard about this perplexing question and some have come up with strange conclusions. But the problem is still very much with man and is one of the most perplexing questions facing mankind.


If someone accused a friend of a crime and a man knew his friend to be innocent then he would almost certainly feel obliged to speak up for him. People accuse God of being responsible for all the suffering in the World. “If there is a God of love why does He allow such suffering?” Who is responsible for the suffering, which man experiences in this World? Certain basic questions need to be answered.

1. Did God bring it into the World?

2. Can it be blamed on Satan?

3. Does man bring suffering on himself?

4. Will there ever be a time when there is no more suffering?


1. Is God responsible? Genesis ch 1 v 31. When God made the World He saw that it was very good. God is a holy God and there is no sin in Him. He did not create sin nor did He want sin to exist in His Universe. The Bible says that sin entered the World when Adam and Eve rebelled against God. They were not prepared to do what He wanted but chose to go their own way. But for sin man would not have experienced physical death. Man was created by God as a spiritual being in the image of God. Sin was no part of God’s plan. When God entered the World in a physical body He lived a sinless life, thereby proving that it was neither necessary nor inevitable for man to sin. Since the result of sin is death it is the case that Adam would have lived forever physically had he not sinned.


The very first sin by Adam and Eve has a lot to teach about the nature of sin. The Serpent tempted Eve but she had no right to be speaking to Satan. He could not have forced her to do it. The responsibility was hers. It seems as if they had thought about it for some time before the event, since Adam was not surprised when Eve suggested that he should take and eat also. There was no protest or rebuke from him nor was there any suspicion on her part that Adam would be upset at the suggestion. Eve was on her own when Satan approached her. He cast doubt on the command of God and suggested that she should take and eat. It was then, as it is now, the responsibility of man to obey the Word of God and his conscience, which reflects the Word of God, written on his heart. Certainly Satan will use every means at his disposal to tempt and encourage but he cannot compel man. Satan was an angel of God who rebelled against God and wanted to be praised himself. God put him out of Heaven. There was no trial or debate. Jesus saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven. Ever since Satan has longed to get his own back and spoil God’s plan. God has given man a free will and a will is a powerful force. So God wants man to surrender his free will to do what God wants, rather than what man wants – Thy will be done.


What evidence is there that sin is the cause of all the suffering in the World?


1. Starvation.

The World Health Organisations have established beyond doubt that there is enough food produced in the World to feed everyone one and a quarter times over. Yet man still stores food in warehouses and does not distribute it to those in need. Some food is destroyed to keep the price up. Obesity is a major problem in the advanced countries. Some starvation is caused by laziness and bad stewardship of resources. 2 Thes ch 3 v 10. “If anyone will not work let him not eat.” The Bible urges man to share and to do unto others what he would like others to do to him. Gen ch 4 v 9. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” War is another factor in preventing the distribution of food to those in need. God has done His part in ensuring productivity to meet the needs but man has failed in his part. God even provides in exceptional circumstances. Exodus ch 16 v 35. Manna in the wilderness. Just after Britain gave £50 million to Ethiopia for famine relief she spent £40 million betting on one horse race. Britain spends more on slimming pills to offset overeating than she does on overseas aid. A fraction of the money spent on weapons would go a long way to solving the problems of shortage of water and famine.

The root cause of the problem is man’s unwillingness to share with others what God has provided.


2. Alcoholism.

God says: “Do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery.” Disobedience of this command in Ephesians ch 5 v 18 leads to many physical illnesses for the individual concerned: disruption of family life and great unhappiness: problems for employers and colleagues at work: death and accidents on the road and in the workplace: poverty: 95% of all crime is committed under the influence of alcohol which loosens man’s self-control: suicide – 80% of victims of suicide have been drinking prior to the attempt: dilirium tremens: insanity and personality change: Fatal Alcohol Syndrome: one out of two babies born to alcoholic mothers is damaged before birth in some way. Proverbs ch 20 v 1.

The root cause is man’s disobedience to the Word of God and man’s greed for wealth, which encourages others to get drunk.


3. Drugs.

Nicotine seriously damages the health of the smoker. The chemicals in the cigarette contact every organ in the body, causing all kinds of diseases. Smoking during pregnancy has long lasting effects on children. One factor is lower mental ability. Nicotine is addictive. God says: “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” Smoking also causes fire and death to others, especially when taken in conjunction with alcohol. Other drugs are equally damaging to the health of the person who takes them and cause grief to members of the family. They are a major factor in the spread of Aids.


4. War.

War has been the cause of enormous suffering throughout history and there are more wars today than at any time in the past. God says: “What causes war and why do you fight? You desire and do not have, so you kill. You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight.” James ch 4 v 1-2. God wants a man to live at peace but man has fought from the beginning. Cain killed Abel. What if all the resources spent on weapons was spent on food and medicine? Pride and aggressiveness in the heart of man causes war with its suffering, which is far reaching. One act of aggression leads to another until war breaks out. The Houses of Parliament is naked aggression in words. Every year the Pope cries out for peace and a new war starts. Man glorifies war and it is a major source of entertainment.

The root cause is man’s greed for what is not his own.


5. Leprosy and other contagious diseases.

Leviticus ch 13 v 46. “As long as he has the infection he must live outside the camp.” Sanitary practices in the Middle Ages led to much suffering from disease, which could have been avoided if people had heeded the Word of God. Dirt and un-cleanliness are the cause of disease.

The root cause is carelessness.


6. Poverty.

A lot of people suffer from cold because they cannot afford to keep warm. Considering all that is spent by man in Britain on alcohol, tobacco, confectionery, cosmetics, slimming pills and tranquillisers there is no need for poverty. The resources are there in abundance, provided by God, but man will not share them out. Gen ch 4 v 9. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Man knows that when he is in trouble he wants others to help him, so he must help his brother in need. Many simply waste the gifts God has given them and then have the audacity to blame God for their poverty. Proverbs ch 6 v 6-11. Some is caused by laziness of children who would not learn at school. Some are robbed. Some waste assets, which they have been given. Coveteousness puts pressure on for higher wages, which in turn causes inflation and causes some businesses to go out of business. Theft from the workplace can cause a loss of viability. Ill health caused by any of the other causes of suffering can lead to poverty due to the inability to earn a realistic income.

The root cause is the greed of man who hoards and looks after himself at the expense of others in need, together with laziness.


7. Loneliness.

This is one of the greatest sources of unhappiness and suffering today. God says: “Visit the orphans and widows in their affliction.” Some parents abandon their children and some children abandon their parents. Leviticus ch 19 v 18 says: “Look after your neighbours as yourself.” “If you want to have friends you must be friendly.” James ch 1 v 27. Matthew ch 25 v 31-46. It is possible to be lonely in a crowd or a multi-storey flat. It is easy to meet people superficially but never form any relationship with them. Perhaps the loneliest people are those in prison. Man comes into the World with three basic needs – the need to belong, the need to achieve and the need to be loved. When these needs are not met the people crumple. Whose fault it is that they are in prison? Their own selfishness and disobedience is a major factor.

The root cause is the lack of concern by man for his fellow man.


8. Anxiety.

The command given 124 times in the New Testament is “Do not be anxious.” Worry and anxiety is at the root of so many illnesses. Being anxious is in effect unbelief in that the person is denying that God has the capability of resolving the problem. Depression is a consequence of anxiety as is mental illness caused by a nervous breakdown. Many physical symptoms are the result of pressures on the mind.

The root cause is lack of belief in God.


9. Death.

The result of sin is death. But for sin man would not have to experience death. Romans ch 6 v 23. When God finished His creation He saw that everything was very good. Death certainly brings suffering to the one who dies and to those who are left.


10. Accidents.

The single cause of accidents in the home is carelessness. Lack of care with stepladders, trailing flexes down stairs and wet floors. Deut ch 5 v 32. Accidents at work or in the home can cause great suffering to others as well as the one who is careless. Road accidents are particularly damaging. The body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and man is duty bound to look after it as a gift from God.

The root cause is the carelessness of man.


11. Sexual diseases.

All manner of sexual diseases arise from the breaking of the Word of God when He says: ” Flee from immorality.” Sexual relations are to be between one man and one woman for life within the bond of marriage. Homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.


12. Disobedience.

Many parents are heartbroken when children break the fifth commandment and do not honour their parents, considering all they have done for them.


13. Natural Disasters.

Sin upsets the natural order. Sin in Sodom brought judgement. God could not find ten good men in the whole city. The destruction of the rain forests is causing an upset in the natural order and flooding downstream. In some areas the felling of the forests is leading to an increase in the desert. Earthquakes have increased significantly in recent years. Pollution of the seas, of the land and of the air is due to man’s discharge of poisonous material into the elements. This is a lack of good stewardship of the World.

The root cause is that man’s sin disturbs the natural order.


14. Injuries in Sport.

Many are injured or killed as a result of activities, which are dangerous. Man assumes the risk in the knowledge that the body is delicate and needs to be cared for by man. Skiing, potholing, driving etc are all dangerous. God did not design man to compete with one another but to complete one another.

The root cause is the risk man assumes.


15. Divorce.

Great suffering is caused to spouses and their children as a result of divorce and separation. This also causes financial hardship. The sins of pride, greed, coveteousness and selfishness all play a part in bringing matrimonial trouble. “I hate divorce,” says the Lord. Malachi ch 2 v 16. Most people enter marriage with little or no teaching on its importance to society and the consequences of failure of the marriage.

The root cause is disobedience of the Word of God.


16. Crime.

Those who steal, vandalise, kill, and destroy the property of others cause suffering to their victims.

The root cause is the selfishness of the criminal.


17. Child Abuse.

In Britain there are one and a half million children whose father has walked out on them or beaten them.

The root cause is failure to do unto others as they would have done unto them.


When it comes to suffering God has entered into man’s experience. If anyone has the right to speak about suffering it is Jesus. He was born into a time of trouble during the Roman occupation of Judea. He came into the World in a stinking stable, cold and dark. His parents had to flee for safety as Herod sought to kill Him. He experienced great loneliness, rejection, verbal hostility and persecution. The religious people told lies about Him. He knew about prisons and finished His earthly life in prison as an innocent victim. Even Pilate recognised that He was without fault. He was mocked by the soldiers, spat upon, stripped, beaten, a crown of thorns was banged on His head, at least forty lashes tore His body to pieces. Prisoners often died from the flogging alone. Then He was told to carry His own cross to His execution. The soldiers drove huge nails through His flesh and left Him hanging naked before the World to face thirst, pain and the abuse of “nice people”. No pain that man faces can ever match the pain and suffering, which Jesus experienced. He did it freely for each human being. He bore the curse of God in His own body. Man must not tolerate any patronising talk about God being indifferent to suffering.


There are many instances in the Bible where God allows suffering in order to show that man cannot take His grace for granted and that He will not be mocked or disobeyed. If man breaks the moral principles, which God has laid down suffering will result. The Jewish People are a living testimony to the consequences of rejection of the Word of God.


Sometimes my sin causes my own suffering.

Sometimes my sin causes your suffering.

Sometimes your sin causes my suffering.

Sometimes our collective sin causes individual suffering to a known or unknown person.

Sometimes our collective sin causes our collective suffering.

Sometimes the sin of others causes our collective suffering.


When God sends, riches man ignores Him.

When God sends poverty, man complains to God.

When God sent His only Son, man was suspicious.


Not only does man blame God for the suffering in the World, but none of it would have happened but for man’s rebellion against God in the first place. The clear evidence is that the absence of suffering does not make man more appreciative of what God has done for him. By searching for the cause of suffering man enlarges his knowledge of God and finds in Jesus a God who understands, who has entered into man’s experiences and who has suffered more than He will allow man to suffer. It is not known why God allowed evil to happen, but it is clear that He is a wise all-knowing God who has reasons for allowing things to happen, which are beyond man’s comprehension. Jesus was born in poverty and died in disgrace and pain and thought that all of it was worthwhile in order to reconcile a Holy God with sinful man.


There are times in Scripture when it seems that God brings suffering in order to punish. Exodus ch 4 v 24. God wanted to teach Moses a lesson. 2 Samuel ch 12 v 14. Nathan the prophet told David that the child would die because of David’s sin. This may simply be a withdrawal of grace rather than a positive action on God’s part.


Must the suffering last forever? No. God has promised a time when there will be no more suffering for those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Those who do not will continue to suffer but in a far worse way and for them it will be forever.


Behind the question about suffering and, linked with it, the problems of disappointment lies the question “Is God unfair?” The question of what is fair is in the minds of many people. All men know what is fair to them and therefore they know what they ought to do to others. There is a supposition that nothing unfair ought to happen to man. They believe that they do not deserve that. This supposes that man is inherently good. Man can easily overlook his sins and failure to tackle certain areas of his personal and national life until it is out of control and then he blames God for allowing it to happen. Man cannot have free will without responsibilities. Man’s disappointments are God’s appointments. God knows best, although often man cannot see the best. The answer “No” is as much an answer to prayer as “Yes” but is usually the one man does not want to hear. God is primarily interested in man’s holiness and His glory. Too often man assumes that God wants what he wants and does not take the time to find out what God wants. The impression is often gained that God is silent or hidden but He has revealed Himself through the prophets, through His Word and through Jesus. If man does not respond to that Revelation then God can do no more. It is only after a response to the present revelation that God will reveal Himself some more. When man is satisfied with what he has had revealed to him or when he is disobedient in those areas where God has revealed Himself, then God’s hands are tied and He cannot reveal Himself any further.


When He made the Covenant with Israel God said that there would be blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. That was quite fair. It was up to the people. He wanted a peculiar type of people for His purposes to reveal Himself to the World through a people. The people failed to live up to their responsibilities. Isaiah ch 26 v 18. “We were with child and have brought forth wind.” God spoke through Moses but the people were not too interested in what God had to say – so why complain that He is silent? God’s presence did little to bring about lasting faith. God wants to be loved and have a relationship with people for whom He has cared and will care even more if they respond. If it is fairness or justice man wants as people then Hell is what he deserves. However if it is mercy then God will save all who call on His name – on His terms. The feelings of disappointment are the result of a man’s broken relationship with God and he then tries to transfer the guilt onto God to make himself feel less guilty. Joseph proves that God uses the disappointments and suffering to do good and He shares the hurts with man. Often disasters bring people together in a way they would never have been and certainly were not in the good times. People care for others flooded out when they hardly passed the time of day previously. The same can be said of sickness. Sometimes it is the only occasion a person sees his friends. There is a limit as to how far God will go without a response to what He has done already. Those who have not given God thanks for the good times can hardly complain when times are hard. Solomon’s life is a classic example.


The Prophets reveal God’s hurt at being rejected by His people who turned to false gods and worshipped them – after all He had done for them. God disciplined them because He loved them so much. He still wanted the very best for them as for Himself. He knew that the false gods would disappoint them. So He warned them and disciplined them back into His ways, which were the safest and best for them. The reason why there was no other word from the Lord for 400 years after Malachi was that the people did not respond to that Word and so there was no point in God speaking again until they responded to Malachi’s challenge on God’s behalf.


In the time of Jesus the people wanted a solution to the problems of the Roman Empire. Jesus told them that the change would come slowly from within, if their attitudes were right. That was too slow and too much like hard work for them. Power and might bring quick changes but love takes time to build a relationship. The response to the miracles was very limited. Jesus healed all who came to Him in faith acknowledging Him as Lord. Those who complain that He did not heal them have probably not shown a willingness to accept Him as Lord. Today people will not know God, if they do not respond to the revelation of God as He has been revealed in Jesus. He who has seen Jesus has seen God. That is why the figure of Jesus must be central in the preaching today. If people are not interested in how God came into this World as a man then they prove that they are not interested in Him now. God is also revealed in the lives of believers today both in their attitudes and gifts. The Church is the body of Christ. God must be disappointed with this World also as He is with His own children, bought by the blood of His Son.


In Ephesians ch 3 v 10 Paul speaks of the Angels watching to see the manifold wisdom of God worked out in human beings. The future of the Universe is affected by what man does on Planet Earth, which is the only place he can operate at present. God is creating a new Heaven and a new Earth. The scale is so vast as to make man’s disappointments so small and his understanding and interest in God so limited and puny. Man should not be content with tit bits but be plumbing the depths of Scripture to find what God is doing and how man can help Him by engaging in spiritual warfare. Man considers that God involves His children in the process of reversing the Fall and restoring the Universe to what it was and should always have been, man can hardly fail to realise that the privileges far outweigh the disappointments.


Suffering and providence. What does the Bible say?


Suffering – what causes it? Sin?


A. Sin. 1. Personal sin affecting man and others.

2. Sin of others affecting man.

3. Corporate sin. National sin.


B. Work of Satan. He hates man. God allows Satan certain room.


C. Causes of suffering.

Starvation. Personal and others.

Alcoholism. Personal and others.

Drugs. Personal and others.

War. Others.

Contagious diseases. Personal and others.

Aids. Personal and others.

Poverty. Personal and others.

Loneliness. Personal and others.

Anxiety and stress. Personal and others.

Death. Personal and others.

Accidents. Personal and others.

Natural disasters storms – flooding – earthquakes.

Injuries in sport. Risk and others.

Crime. Others.

Child abuse. Others.


Injustice in this World? Is it possible to see the purpose of God through it all?

Why do the wicked prosper and the godly often suffer?

Soul ties

Soul Ties. 1 Cor ch 6 v 15-20.

Many believers are unaware of being unprotected because of ungodly soul ties in their past life. There is so little teaching in the Church concerning sexual matters. The World has filled the vacuum but what is taught in the World is ungodly. Some whose lives are in a mess say that if only they had known what God teaches on marriage and sexual relationships when they were young they would have avoided being in such a mess. It is the truth, which sets a man free.

What does God say about sexual relationships? “It is not good for a man to live alone.” God created a wife for Adam. Gen ch 2 v 18. God created man in His own image for relationship with Him and with others. God is a spirit and man was created a spiritual being with a soul but in a physical body. Man is spirit, soul and body. The soul is the mind, the emotions and the will. The thoughts and emotions give a man a desire to express sexual feelings and the body gives him the physical capacity to express these sexual feelings and to express God’s creativity. God designed man with the capacity to have a sexual relationship. The bodies of men and women were designed by God to come together in a sexual relationship. This was God’s idea from the beginning. Human beings have the ability to know each other in the spirit as well as experience each other with the emotions and be connected via the sexual organs in the flesh. Intercourse, which does not reflect this divine and spiritual knowing, is less than God intended for mankind. Satan may have moved in and caused disorder but it was God’s idea from the beginning. God created a woman to live with a man in a spiritual and physical union. What affects the spirit, affects the soul and in turn it will affect the body. For this union to be effective there needs to be more than just a physical attraction. The union between a man and a woman is essentially a spiritual union and not just a physical union. Then there is a unity in the marriage. The parties need to develop interests and desires common to them both. There are many aspects to a marriage to be considered before embarking on a marriage.

1. The physical. There ought to be a physical attraction. Arranged marriages omit this aspect. The physical attraction may not last the length of the marriage but must be there at some time.
2. The emotional aspect. Men and women are emotional beings. It is helpful if the parties are emotionally compatible. Some are highly strung. This puts an added strain on the marriage. Not only do women talk more than men, but they are more emotional beings than men. They also have different thought patterns. They are not inferior – just different. Women experience a greater range of emotions than men. Highs and lows follow one another quickly, while the man is on more of an even keel. One minute the woman is up tight and the next she is quite down. The man does not understand the reason for the sudden change. There may not be a reason to find.
3. The social aspect. This includes the racial aspect. The best person to marry is the girl next door. The more differences there are in social standing, the greater the tension on the marriage. These tensions can be increased, if the marriage is between people of different races. The couple may have no problem marrying someone they love, regardless of colour or nationality, but the families and friends might have prejudice of their own. The children of mixed marriages have problems of their own, not usually with other children but with adults.
4. The financial aspect. If there are great differences in the wealth of the two families, it will put an added strain on the marriage. The parents of a wealthy bride might well be suspicious of the intentions of her husband. The same could be said the other way round.
5. The intellectual aspect. The more the couple have in common in intellectual interest as well as intelligence the better.
6. The age aspect. Couples whose ages differ greatly have added problems. Interests vary with age. An older man and a younger woman will have different interests. If one is much older, it increases the likelihood of the younger one being left a widow or widower. Marriage is for companionship. Death brings companionship to an end.
7. The sexual aspect. Some partners are sexually incompatible. One may have a strong sexual drive and another a weak drive. The woman may have no desire for sexual contact after the completion of the family, seeing her sexual function as at an end. The man may have strong sexual desire and find it unfulfilled by his wife. It is essential that this aspect of marriage be discussed before marriage. The sexual act is like oil to a working part. It eases the tension between the couple and re-affirms that they belong to each other. A marriage without sexual participation is like a house with woodworm. It gradually eats away at the foundation of the relationship. 1 Cor ch 7 v 5. “Do not refuse one another
except by agreement for a while.” Satan can get a foothold and tempt the willing partner to look for satisfaction with another.

These are all practical matters which need not individually be too important but which have a place in the difficulties of married couples. These cannot be ignored because marriages are ongoing. If the parties are not compatible on most of these aspects there will be greater strain on the marriage.

God created man with 3 basic instincts.
1. To eat.
2. Not to be eaten – an instinct for security or self-protection. God built into human
beings healthy fears – the fear of being burned keeps a man away from fire. The fear of falling keeps him away from the edge of a cliff.
3. Reproduction.
These instincts are also built into the animal world. Birds and animals instinctively eat to survive and reproduce. They instinctively seek to preserve themselves. They are careful to watch out for predators. They instinctively mate to reproduce their own kind.

As a result of the Fall these instincts are out of order. The craving brain drives them.
1. The instinct to eat is flawed and as a result there are the eating disorders – Anorexia. Gluttony.
2. The instinct to survive leads to fear, anxiety and the control of others. Many join gangs and organisations like the Masons to protect themselves. Is this what is behind kids carrying knives and then guns? In many countries people sleep with a gun under their pillow for self-preservation.
3. Sexual disorder leads to adultery, pornography, prostitution, and all kinds of perversion.

Engagement is a commitment between a man and a woman to be married. They have an opportunity to get closer together before the actual marriage ceremony. Marriage in God’s plan is where a man and woman commit themselves to one another before God and before witnesses. The act of sexual union then completes the marriage. The bodies then come together. Most countries have recognised that if, for whatever reason, it is not possible to consummate the marriage by a sexual union, then the parties are free to seek an annulment of the marriage. Sexual intercourse completes the marriage covenant.

After the marriage the parties become one flesh. The term “flesh” in the Bible refers to the soul and body together and not just to the physical skin, which surrounds the organs of the body. So after the initial act of physical intercourse the two parties are united in soul as well and in body. They become one flesh. The souls have been joined together. There is then a knowing of each other. The Hebrew word for sexual intercourse is “to know”. There is an intimacy of relationship between a man and a woman. So Adam knew Eve. That means that they had sexual intercourse. Gen ch 4 v 1. “A man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh.” Gen ch 2 v 24. That is why a father gives away his daughter. Many mother-in law problems might be avoided of the mother joined her husband in giving her daughter away and letting go of her. The soul tie between mother and daughter would then be broken. Jesus endorsed this truth in Mat ch 19 v 5 adding: “They are no longer two but one flesh or unit. No man may put asunder what God has joined together.” The principle is also repeated in Malachi ch 2 v 15. .”When you married the two of you became one person in His sight.” As the marriage develops the parties should grow closer in spirit, soul as well as in body together as they share their desires and experiences together. A mutual blessing takes place between the parties. That is God’s intention. The souls are tied together – hence the word “soul tie”.

Godly soul ties are God’s provision for healthy nurturing and for relationships throughout life. Sexual relations are primarily a spiritual activity. There is something of the spirit of the husband in the wife and part of the spirit of the wife in the husband in the same way as God places His Holy Spirit within man.

When a person has had sexual union with many partners it is as if his spirit and soul is spread out all over the place. One partner may have been involved in witchcraft and the other party may have picked up powerful witchcraft controls.

Marriage is the building block for society. It was God’s plan. That is why God states that He hates divorce. Mat ch 5 v 31-32. Luke ch 16 v 18. Mark ch v 11-12. When there are Godly relationships man is blessed by the flow of the Holy Spirit. Of course, there is no marriage in Heaven. Luke ch 20 v 35.

Sadly for many people in the World there is no understanding of God and of spiritual matters and sexual relationships are seen as purely physical relationships. For many sexual relationships are a way of gratifying selfish desires and sex had become for many nothing more than a hobby or recreational pastime. The impression is given by the World that young people should experience sexual relationships outside of marriage and many governments have encouraged young people to have several partners during their life – even though at the same time sexual diseases are rising. There is a general view in the World that if a person has not had several sexual experiences there is something wrong with them. There is tremendous pressure on young people to experiment in this area. The education system is given the responsibility of educating children even at a young age about sexual matters but this is devoid of any moral teaching.

The enemy always seeks to pervert God’s plans for the good of man. Acts ch 13 v 9-10. Sex is primarily spiritual and when people enter into sexual relationships, which are sinful, they should not be surprised that the demonic will take advantage of the channel, which has been opened through sin. Ungodly relationships create a bondage in the spiritual realm. This includes a couple who have sexual relations before the actual marriage, even though they fully intend to be married. Perverted sex inside marriage is also a potential direct entry point for a demon. All forms of sexual relations not within the secure bounds of a marriage will always introduce ungodly soul ties into a person’s life and make that person vulnerable to the demonic.

What is adultery? In Jer ch 3 God told Israel: “You have committed adultery.” A nation cannot commit sexual sin. But they had worshipped false gods. When a man worships God the Holy Spirit enters into the man. That is God’s intention. When a man worships an idol he is worshipping the spirit behind the false god or idol. 1 Chron ch 16 v 26. The man is joining to that spirit. So when the man is worshipping an idol the false spirit behind the idol enters into the man. Adultery by a man allows the spirit of another to join with him and to enter into him. This is a spirit, which God did not intend to be joined with him. The Bible clearly teaches: “Do not commit adultery.” A man should not join with someone else, which is contrary to the marriage covenant provisions that God has given to man.

Fornication is sexual relationship before marriage. Fornication is also adultery. Fornication.
1 Cor ch 6 v 18 says that a man is to flee fornication. It is a sin against the body. It is joining with another person with no intention of being married. Few people believe that this is wrong. At the new spiritual birth God cannot give a man back his virginity. If Satan has stolen it from him, it is lost. The moment a person loses his virginity is a spiritually traumatic occasion. Every time a man breaks a commandment for the first time, he loses his innocence in that area. He then enters into bondage in that area of his life. This is especially so in the area of sexual activity.

The Bible is absolutely clear that God is totally opposed to it. How is a man to cope with what are natural desires and the temptations, which come along and fan those desires. God has designed a man to have a spiritual drive, then a psychological drive and then a physical drive. If there is a lack of spiritual drive, then the others take over. The Gospel is about power over sin. When the spiritual is in control the other two are in subjection to it. A man’s body is like a car. It has an engine, which drives it forward. When fuel is added it can go further. But most cars have breaks. God designed man with a sexual drive. However, God intended man to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control or the ability to say: “No” to the fallen nature. The Holy Spirit acts as the break on the sexual drive within a man.

God is a God of order and He has established moral laws. The law of marriage is God’s
provision for mankind. God’s laws are unchangeable. The law of gravity does not change.
If it did planes would fall out of the sky. A man depends on God’s laws for his survival. The law of marriage is that when two people come together they are married.

When people come together outside of marriage they stay joined. 1 Cor ch 6. The two become one flesh. Even sex with a prostitute results in one flesh with the prostitute.
The part of the other person, which comes in at intercourse, remains as part of a man.
Proverbs. Ch 5 22 is a warning against sexual sin and its consequences. The man is ensnared. The soul ties hold him fast. People who have casual sexual contacts find that they are “permanent” relationships.
Ungodly sex is worshipped as the god of this World.
A casual sexual encounter has a permanent dimension to it. It is worship of the god of
this World and the spirit behind the god of this World enters into the person. This is
particularly so where there is sexual abuse. An ungodly soul tie is always established between an abuser and the abused person creating a spiritual channel through which demonic transference can easily take place. This explains why so many who are abused end up abusing others. The demon transferred into the abused. Godly soul
ties can become partly ungodly through parents who control their children. Gen ch 34 v 2-3. The rape of Dinah.

God gives man authority over demons but not over another person made in His image. Ungodly soul ties need to be severed, along with repentance and forgiveness. There may be a need for healing for emotional pain caused by the ungodly soul tie. The existence of an ungodly soul tie may be the reason why a person does not receive healing or enjoy a secure marriage.

Ungodly soul ties may lead to sickness and the danger of letting in demons. Man is made in the image of God and has free will. God respects the free will of man and each man must respect the free will of other human beings. To force sexual relationship on another breaks that image. Domination and control of others is witchcraft. 1 Sam ch 15 v 23.

When a soul tie is broken, there needs to be deliverance and emotional healing hand in hand. Where there are sexual partners in an adulterous relationship the soul tie is likely to give rise to demonic entry. Manipulation and domination within marriage is nothing but sin. Anything other than natural sexual relations is a possible entry point within a marriage. Only true repentance by the party who has had ungodly sexual relations allows God to break the soul ties with another person. But the repentance must be genuine and sincere. Then it can be good-bye to all the others who are part of the marriage. It is not enough for a man to renounce any future sexual relationship. That only deals with the future and not the past. Repentance is essential. Then there is a need for deliverance and a cutting away of the soul ties.

Adultery brings about a spiritual act of divorce. Divorce and remarriage have taken place
simultaneously. The husband or wife who denies his or her partner regular and willing sexual relations is abusing the other partner.

A young couple planning to be married go to see their pastor. The pastor sees the man alone and finds out that he has had two sexual relationships with girl friends before. So there are 4 people in the marriage. Each of the other two has had 3 relationships. On the man’s side there are at least 9 parties to the marriage. The same is true for the girl. There are at least 18 people in the marriage. Who knows how many more – perhaps hundreds. Princess Diana said once that there were 3 people in her marriage to the Prince of Wales – at least.

In God’s sight when two people have a sexual relationship He views that as a marriage.
Their souls are tied together. They are joined in body and in soul. All the parties to
whom a person is joined have an influence on the character and personality of the other party. Paul says that sexual sin is the worst of all since a man is sinning against his own body. There is a spiritual influence of others in the man’s body. By taking part in a sexual relationship a man is giving a right of access to another person. This gives the enemy a legal right of access in the same way as taking drugs. God put the law in place and it is part of His design. Man cannot of himself break the law.

One man went for ministry having had ten sexual partners. Each relationship was broken in turn until they came to Angela. A demon spoke out of the man saying: “You are not having Angela.” Angela had been a witch. The relationship with Angela had given the demon the legal right to enter the man. He was held fast by sin. Some people become ill in that situation.

When a girl broke off with her boyfriend he pronounced a curse over her that, if she would not marry him, she would not have children by anyone else. She was infertile. The demonic curse had the right to rule her life. When prayed for a spirit of death came out of her and later she conceived. The curse of death was broken.
The Scriptures are full of advice. Flee from immorality. 1 Cor ch 6 v 18. Avoid impurity. Gal ch 5 v 19-21. Those who are impure will not inherit the Kingdom of God.
So often when sexual sins are dealt with healing follows.
Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife. Gen ch 39 v12.
David encountered real grief and sickness over his relationship with Bathsheba. 2 Sam ch 12 v 15.
Solomon married many foreign wives. He began to worship their false gods and to do the things they did. He was influenced by the conduct of the people to whom he was joined. 1Kings ch 11 v 1.
God can and wants to forgive. There is nothing a man had done which is too serious for God to forgive, provided there is true repentance.

Adultery takes many forms.
1. Generational sexual sin. A spirit of adultery may affect subsequent generations.
2. Sexual abuse. A demon in a girl who was abused in childhood may interfere with her
married relationship through fear or shame.
3. Dominating soul ties. A dominating maternal spirit will always oppose attempts at
4. Pre-marital intercourse and trial marriages. This is sin even if the parties intend to
marry and do marry soon thereafter. The soul tie is ungodly.
5. Oral and anal sex. There are no grounds for encouraging this, even if there are
problems in engaging in intercourse in the normal way. These are major demonic
entry points.
6. Fantasy and pornography. Spirits of lust, which entered through the eyes, induce
the desire and to complete the victim’s misery of having fallen into temptation, leave
the person with a burden of guilt. With the image comes the spirit behind pornography.
It is addiction and claims a demand to see more. A man is not satisfied with what he
has seen and wants more. There is an addictive spirit behind it.
“I am only looking and not doing” is a lie
7. Bestiality. Lev ch 20 v 15-16. It always results in demonic entry. Death was the
normal remedy for perverted sexual behaviour to prevent it passing down the
generational line.
8. Transvestism. Deut ch 22 v 5.
9. Sexual abuse.
10. Homosexuality and lesbianism. Lev ch 18 v 22 and Rom ch 26 v 32. These are
both adultery. Adultery is going to another and embraces all kinds of unfaithfulness.

The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. That is why sexual sin is so serious. All healing needs exposure to the truth. God will heal and set people free from the consequences of sexual sin where there is true repentance.



Sex is an emotive word. It makes people sit up and take notice. What is it about this word, which causes such a response?

The Church has singularly failed to speak out on the subject with a clear message. This has left a void, which the World has not been slow to fill – with disastrous results. Surely the Creator of the body has something relevant to say on the matter? God created the sexual functions as part of the fantastic body in which the spirit of man lives. Sex is a gift from God to human beings. God has given human beings the ability to reproduce their own kind in partnership with God. Eccles ch 11 v 5. Humans do the physical part and God does the spiritual part, planting the spiritual being into a tiny body created for it by human beings. Angels do not reproduce and there will be no marriage or reproduction in Heaven. It is confined to planet Earth. It is a privilege for mankind and like all privileges it goes hand in hand with responsibility or it may be withdrawn.

God created man in three parts. Firstly there are physical body. Secondly there is the soul, which comprises the mind, the emotions, with needs to be met, and the will. Thirdly there is a spiritual beings, able to communicate in the spiritual or unseen realm. Over-emphasis on one or other aspect leads to imbalance. Damage to one part usually affects the other parts sooner or later. The Western World has over-emphasised the material or physical dimension to the exclusion of the spiritual and to a large extent the emotional and as a result there is an imbalance. Something is wrong with the sexual appetite of the people. There is an explosion of sexual activity and interest in sexual matters. The idea of sex is used to sell just about anything from clothes, to cars and holidays. Adverts, magazines, books and entertainment magazines are almost saturated with sexual aspects. Those with a degree of moral concern are trying to do something about it. Their advice is to educate the young people and then they will act more responsibly. The politicians appeal to moderation and common sense. Having recognised that sexual activity outside of marriage is an accepted way of life, the thrust of Government policy is to advise moderation. However, the same politicians are ignorant of the power, which is unleashed when the sexual drive is allowed free reign in society. Information has been issued explaining the facts and the population is supposed to make up its mind without any moral leadership. Actually information only increases the awareness and desire. The young generation now have knowledge, which was not available in previous years. It is well known that, when a man is put in prison, he is more likely to learn from other prisoners new ideas of criminal activity he knew nothing about before. Facts fuel the latent desire. That is the basis of advertising. Sexual activity along with lawlessness is set to continue and increase as the One who restrains the sexual desire in check is pushed out of the way in a man’s drive to be his own god. The Holy Spirit is being driven from the nations of the Western World. 2 Thess ch 2 v 7.

The first step in dealing with any problem is recognition of the fact that there is a problem. Is it a problem? Most of the people do not think that there is a problem and therefore little is being done to change things. Slowly there are a few voices being raised to express concern – when children are sexually assaulted on holiday and are afraid to go out alone – when even old ladies are sexually assaulted in their own homes – when young children are being sexually abused by members of their own family and by organised gangs and popular figures in the media. Things are becoming serious. The numbers may not be as high as the media make out but this is a hidden area where things are done in secret and people are afraid to speak out because of shame, guilt and fear. How bad must it be before the Government takes action?

God has a lot to say about the physical appearance. God is more interested in the spiritual dimension but is He also interested in the physical dimension? Of the 1,900 characters in the Bible there are many references as to physical appearance. Esther was the successful candidate in a beauty contest in the greatest empire the World had known, when she was chosen as queen to King Ahasuerus. Esther Ch 2 v 7. She was beautiful. Many of the other women mentioned in the Bible are described as beautiful. King Saul was the most handsome young man in Israel. 1 Sam ch 9 v 2. David was a fine looking boy with a ruddy face and beautiful eyes. He was handsome. God is interested in the wonderful bodies, which He has created – every single body is unique. A man has an obligation to do the best he can with his body and to maintain it as a machine useful for the service of the Lord. There is nothing wrong with a man doing his best to look good, as long as that does not become his sole objective to the neglect of the emotional and spiritual sides of his being. Sadly that is what is happening with the fashion freaks and beauty contests. 1 Sam ch 16 v 7. A man may look on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart. Prov ch 11 v 22 says that a beautiful woman lacking discretion and modesty is like a fine gold ring in a pig’s snout.

Why is there such a problem? There is no doubt that there are strong drives within a man in the physical and emotional realm. A desire for the opposite sex is a very real force. The need to be loved and the need to belong are very real driving forces within a man’s personality. They drive a man along to do certain things and when the needs are damaged a man experiences real hurts to his emotions God designed a man with free will and gave him control over all things – on one condition – that the man was under the control of God. The Kingdom of God is the rule of God in the heart of man. God does not want to control a man like a puppet on a string. But He wishes to be consulted in all aspects of his life so that the man puts God’s interests first in making all his decisions. Matthew ch 6 v 33. Satan is the one who likes to control a man like a puppet on a string.

Part of the fruit of the Spirit is self-control. Gal ch 5 v 23. This is the ability to say “No” to self. In other words a man’s fallen nature of selfishness, when he does what he wants, is under the control of the Holy Spirit and the man has the power to deny his fallen human nature. The physical and emotional drives, which God built into a man’s being were designed to be under the control of the Spiritual drive and the Spiritual drive was meant to be connected to God. Sin or rebellion against God leads to a barrier between God and man. Put another way, a man – as a result of sin – becomes disconnected from God. If the electrical instrument is disconnected from its source of power it does not work. Mankind disconnected from God, loses his source of power to run along the right lines. Sin pulls the plug out and the power dries up. Jesus said the same thing when He used the illustration of the vine tree. “Unless you abide in me, you will lose touch with God and the ability to say “No” to self will be lost.” John ch 15 v 1.

The physical drives belt – the sexual drive within a man – runs free, without the restraining control of the Holy Spirit. It becomes out of control. These words are often used to describe an unruly person or a situation. It is out of control. He or she is out of control. Religion is one way the brake is applied. Social restraints are present in a family or village situation. But many people are running free from such constraints. Many of the people who cause trouble in society are loners, free from the restraints of family and community. The real danger arises when the sexual drive running out of control is taken over or high-jacked by an evil spirit. Satan needs fertile soil in which to plant his deadly seeds. There is an ideal situation. A loner, driven by a desire for sexual gratification and disconnected from God, is open to possession by a spirit of lust or an unclean spirit. Mark ch 5 v 2. Jesus encountered a man with an unclean spirit. Mark ch 7 v 25. A woman went to Jesus. Her little daughter had an unclean spirit. Jesus cast it out. This was a child, possessed by a spirit. Consider some of the consequences of the sexual drive when it is running free and out of control or worse under the control of the enemy. Rape – unwanted pregnancies – adultery – homosexuality – disease – aids – orphans.

Fornication. 1 Cor ch 6 v 18 says that man is to flee fornication. It is a sin against the body. The Bible is absolutely clear that God is totally opposed to it. How is man to cope with what are natural desires? God has designed us to have a spiritual drive, then a psychological drive and then a physical drive. If there is a lack of a spiritual drive then the others take over. When the spiritual is in control the other two are subjected to the spiritual drive. It is defrauding another to let him go too far. In a couple the one may have a strong spiritual drive and the other a weak one. The strong one has the greater responsibility. If fornication takes place, repentance is essential. If this is not done it leaves a cloud between man and God. The sin could affect the future of the couple if they decide to marry later, either to each other or to others. A soul tie would be created. A man cannot live satisfactorily in sin. There would be lingering results, which would arise in the future. It would undermine a future relationship. Blackmail is a possibility. Fear of being found out poses the question: “Would he have married me, if I hadn’t surrendered to him?” Doubts nag away and eat into confidence.

Sex by oneself was never meant by God. It is manifesting ego-centricity and self-centredness. The drive was given for marriage and not for self. Several rules apply:
1. Believers should go out only with believers. Be not yoked with unbelievers.
2. God gives the strength to cope if the man is under His authority.
3. Establish clear priorities. Put the spiritual desires first.
4. Keep in step with God’s timing. Be patient.
5. Clear up family problems during courtship.

Jesus told people plainly ” You do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.” True religion is about power over the enemy and control of a man’s emotional and physical life, so that he can lead a balanced life – a life, which holds the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects in harmony with each other. Sinful man without the power of the Holy Spirit is living an unbalanced life and so the physical drive gains too much control. 2 Tim ch 3 v 5. In the last days people will hold to a form of religion but denying the power. 2 Tim ch 1 v 7. “God did not give man a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power and love and self-control.” The World cries out “Give it me and give it me now. I want.” Patience is in short supply.

In the same way the emotional drive is out of control and people are unable in varying degrees to control their emotions. When something unpleasant occurs, like a disaster, a man cannot cope. His emotions are shot to pieces and he rushes for counselling. Where is the consoling strength of the Holy Spirit? Jesus promised another counsellor – the Holy Spirit, who would give strength. Without the Holy Spirit a man looks elsewhere for security in a World, which is ever changing. Isaiah the prophet in ch 38 v 14 said this: ” O Lord, I am oppressed. Be my security.” The situation was closing in on Isaiah – the actual circumstances are not mentioned but clearly he had problems. Isaiah knew where to look – to God. When times are difficult, a man can look to God to console him and to strengthen him or to lead him out of difficulty. Actually Peter encourages a man to welcome difficulties, because they can be used by God to forge his characters so that his integrity will grow. The man without God looks elsewhere for security and finds it in money, in possessions, in happiness, in a relationship, in thrills, or in a sexual activity, where the emotional needs for affection are met – for a while. So many move from relationship to relationship, not finding security. But it eases the pain – for a while. Others may eat for comfort, some turn to gambling and others join clubs or organisations. Where is a man looking for his security? One aspect of homosexuality is loneliness. Often a man, unable to establish a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, will find emotional affection with other men, which in turn leads to a physical relationship.

There can be relationships between people of the opposite sex and of the same sex without sexual involvement. Jesus needed human company while on Earth. David and Jonathan loved each other like brothers. There was nothing wrong with that. Brothers are supposed to look after the interests of one another. The oldest question in the World was asked by Cain. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” God did not need to answer him. The silence spoke volumes. If a man cannot be concerned for the physical members of his immediate family, what sort of society is it? Only in this generation in Britain has the love between David and Jonathan and the love between Jesus and Mary Magdalene been questioned. Ruth and Naomi were very close. For many today it is inconceivable that these people could be so concerned for each other, without engaging in some sort of physical activity. It has reached the stage where eyebrows are raised if a man is unmarried or if two men share a house together. It shows how far the thinking has fallen in Britain and is a reminder of Gen ch 6 v 5. “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great upon the Earth and that every imagination of his heart was only evil continually.” God said that at that time He was sorry that He had made man. Today what are the minds of a man imagining? In the U.S.A. some experts have claimed that the average man has a sexual thought every 20 seconds. It becomes addictive. It is probably the same in Britain.

The Bible does not present a bland picture of the World. It reads like the daily newspaper. Young Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers, is tempted by his master’s wife in the lounge of the family home. “Come and have sex with me.” Joseph fled for his life. This woman was after him. Flee from immorality. 1 Cor ch 5 v 18. “If tempted, get out of there fast.” Dinah, a daughter of Jacob, was raped by a noble man – Shechem. The rich are as involved in immorality as much as the poor. They can afford more of it. Jacob and his sons responded by killing all the men of Shechem. Gen ch 34.

Sodom and Gomorrah were so disgusting that they have become a byword for immorality. Gen ch 19. The men of Sodom – young and old – clamoured to have sexual relations with Lot’s visitors who were angels. There was no embarrassment. As a result the city was destroyed. Lot got out of there with his life and little else. Then his own two daughters got him drunk and committed incest with him. Genesis ch 19 v 30-38. The unclean spirit still influenced them, despite having seen the results of what happened in Sodom. So many pagan goddesses were sexual symbols.
These incidents are not just in the early days. Paul had to deal with a case of incest in the Church at Corinth. 1 Cor ch 5. His advice was: “Get him out of the Church and hand him over to Satan. We are not having this sort of thing.” So it has gone on ever since.

The Bible does not hide the detestable things, which are going on in the World. God calls a spade a spade. Homosexualtiy is an abomination in His sight. God uses the strongest possible language. It is not an accident of birth or a genetic imbalance. Homosexuality is a spirit from Hell. It is utterly detestable in God’s sight and He will not tolerate it. God hates divorce. He is not too sympathetic to those who commit themselves to one another and to His blueprint for society and then casually let it fall apart.

The Bible teaches in the clearest way possible that sexual activity is limited to within marriage. Marriage was designed by God for procreation and companionship. Everything else is forbidden. Fornication is forbidden. The very last chapter of the Bible reinforces this by saying that fornicators will not be in Heaven. The purpose of sexual relations as revealed in the Bible has been distorted by sin and the enemy. God desired the man and woman to be one unit and forbade all relations outside of marriage, both before it and during it. Pain in childbirth was a problem, which arose as a result of sin. Of course, God will forgive those who truly repent and turn to Him but those who persist in their sins consign themselves to Hell. Fornicators are listed along with murderers and idolaters, liars and sorcerers. It is serious.

Is fornication really a sin? “Everyone else is doing it? Is it really so harmful? Should I be so different from almost everyone else?” These are real question in the minds of young people. What are some of the consequences of fornication?
1. It could lead to blackmail by someone else at a future date.
2. It gives rise to uncertainty as to parenthood. Who is my real father? “Am I the real father and is it my responsibility to pay maintenance for 16 years, when it might not be my child?”
3. Fear of being found out by parents and friends.
4. Doubt. “Would he have married me, if I had not gone all the way?” It eats away at the confidence of the marriage.
5. “Can I afford to keep the child? Should I consider a termination? The doctor advises it.”
6. The child of a single parent may be resentful in later years of the better life he might have had with two parents.
7. Adopted children are often faced with feelings of rejection.
8. The parents and other family may feel shame and guilt.
9. “What if he was carrying the H. I. V. virus? Might I be affected?”
10. “If she did it with me, has she been with others?”
11. “Am I in danger of receiving an evil spirit, as a result?” Unclean spirits pass from person to person. Hosea ch 5 v 4. “Your deeds will not let you come to God again, for the spirit of adultery is deep within you and you cannot know God.” It blights a future relationship with God.
These are some of the consequences, which linger on as a result of disobedience to the command of God.

Jezebel had a spirit of lust within her as well as a spirit of division. She never loved any of the men who flirted with her. She systematically destroyed them, leading them on and then dumping them. She made a fool of the King Ahaz. 1 Kings ch 21.

Sex is a god. Anything, which fills the thoughts and imaginations and leads to action is a god. Sex today dominates jokes, entertainment, pictures, books and magazines. There is an insatiable appetite for it in the hearts of people. It is a vast business. Sexual idolatry is nothing new. The female goddess in Scripture is identified as Ashtorath – Ashtoreth and Astarte ( Greek ). She is the goddess of sexual behaviour. Ishtar was her name in Mesopatamia i.e. Assyria and Babylon. Nina was the goddess of sex in Nineveh. The capital city was called after her. Naked statues were all over the city when Jonah arrived to preach there. Statues of her showing fish coming out of her belly were everywhere. Israel was guilty of accepting the ancient Canaanite gods and goddesses when she came into the land of Canaan. Eventually King Manasseh in 2 Kings ch 21 rebuilt the high places where Ashtoreth was worshipped, as Ahab had done. Ahab’s wife Jezebel was from Sidon where Ashtoreth was the female of Baal. Manesseh sacrificed his own son – by burning to death – to the goddess Ashtoreth. Therefore he introduced into the land child sacrifice. It was for this reason that the people of Israel were put out of the land of Canaan as a punishment. 2 Kings ch 21 v 10-15 and Jeremiah ch ch 15 v 4. It was as serious as that. God had reached His limit of patience and forbearance with His people. A false god had been enthroned in Israel and on the hearts of the people. In Britain the same thing happened in 1965. The passing of the Abortion Act by the British Parliament sanctioned the sacrifice of children in the incinerators of the state run hospitals so that the people could go on in their worship of sexual behaviour without the penalties of having to look after the fruit of that behaviour. Several attempts since have failed to change the heart of the nation. Was this the day of the Gentiles being fulfilled, which Jesus spoke about in Luke’s Gospel ch 21 v 24? The Abortion Act was passed in 1967. Jerusalem came under Jewish rule for the first time since 70 A. D. in 1967. Is this a mere coincidence or is it part of the purpose of God? If it was so serious for Israel to be put out of the land, how much more serious is it for Britain, who ought to have known better?

Television is one of the most effective tools the Devil has. He must have been thrilled when it was discovered and will have convened a counsel of his princes to plan how he could uses this new medium for his own purposes. The scenes, which are shown today on television and in films, would have been unthinkable thirty years ago. “But greater is the power in you than in the Devil” By lifting the little pinkie, it can be turned off – and so the enemy is defeated. Saying “No” to self is the battle ground. The Holy Spirit will control the mind and the mind will control the finger. Then a man is in control – if he abides in Jesus.

Sexual activity may lead on to pornography. What influence does pornography have? Pornography poisons the mind. It gets a strange grip on men and prevents the mind from working in a healthy and balanced way. This has consequences.
1. It deeply offends many people. It makes a private activity public. It shatters the privacy, which a man knows to be right. The human body is not meant for naked public exhibition.
2. It isolates the consumer. It grips the consumer in a lonely prison of the mind. Whereas music or literature encourages people to share their experience, pornography tends to keep people apart. Self-gratification involves lust, which is forbidden by God. It leaves the person with a sense of guilt. Therefore pornography is spiritually harmful, since it separates man from God.
3. It degrades women and uses them as objects for gratification rather than human beings for companionship. Most pornography features women and is designed to attract men. It invites mental rape. It stresses the physical aspect of females, irrespective of their character and encourages people to live in the material realm rather than in the spiritual realm.
4. It brutalises. It hardens and coarsens the character and attitudes of the consumer. Those involved lose their sensitivity and their respect for personal relationships, love and marriage.
5. It is addictive. It leads the consumer into a descending spiral of demand. The disease spreads and there is a demand for ever-increasing stimulation.
6. It ruins family relationship. It shapes the attitude to other members of the family, who may frustrate the addictive desire for pleasure in this area. Divorce is often the result. Many divorces are on the basis that the man’s personality has changed. It is a factor of growing importance.
7. It is linked with corruption. Black markets develop. Criminal activity increases. There is a great deal of money in the business.
8. It triggers off sexual assaults. Spiritual possession uses the consumer to do things. It encourages the frame of mind, which sees women as objects for sexual exploitation. The evidence is that serious sex crimes rise in countries where pornography legislation is liberalised.
9. It is addictive, like any other drug. There is a real spiritual power behind it. The user of pornography wants more. Most magazines are read in private.
10. It is a tool of the Devil. He comes to rob, kill and destroy. It corrupts the mind and leads it away from the good and noble things in life. It saps the energy and moral vision of people. It is propaganda for promiscuity and perversion.

Whenever a man breaks the moral law of God, there are consequences. When he does it for the first time, he loses his innocence before God in just the same way Adam and Eve did. He then enters into bondage in that area of his life. This is especially so in the area of sexual activity. As soon as Adam sinned, fear entered into his being along with shame and guilt. Genesis ch 3. “Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.” James ch 4 v 7. That is God’s advice. What a man watches will affect his behaviour and it leaves an impression. It lowers the thresh-hold of his resistance – little by little.
In the area of sexual activity there are consequences in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.
Physical. Disease, aids, pregnancy.
Emotional. Guilt, fear of being found out. Fear of pregnancy. Shame. Loss of innocence. Depression. Anxiety.
Spiritual. Bondage. An act of intercourse is a union in the sight of God. There was no minister when Adam and Eve married or when two on a desert island get married. It is a commitment between a man and a woman before God. God recognises it. Any other connection between a man and a woman must be broken spiritually or it will be an impediment to the marriage. The Jezebel spirit seeks to possess and destroy. The Devil comes to steal and destroy purity before God.

Man was designed to be driven by the Holy Spirit. When He is not in control, man is driven by emotional forces within him. Self control is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Unrestrained by the Holy Spirit, a man’s sexual and other desires pull in other directions.

The whole basis of sexual activity is to be within a marriage relationship. Activity outside marriage either before it, or during it but with another person, are forbidden. This constitutes sin and one of the characteristics of sin is that it breeds – like weeds in the garden. Sin separates man from God but also man from man. The abuser and the abused will, as a result experience, a broken relationship.

Behaviour patterns are habit forming and are influenced by what a man sees. What a man sees has a greater influence over him than what he reads or hears. Television is recognised as the most powerful medium to influence behaviour. This is borne out by the vast sums paid by advertisers, who know the return they will receive for the money spent by them. It is a small step from Government approval for the destruction of unborn children to the physical abuse of children who are allowed to be born.

The Biblical penal code is more severe in respect of crimes against the person than crimes against property. Other codes in existence at the same time were less severe in respect of crimes against the person and more severe in respect of crimes against property. As Christianity lessens its influence in Britain, there will be less concern for crimes against the person and more for crimes against property.

Television has given respectability to scenes, which were not acceptable thirty years ago. There is little doubt left that pornography feeds the minds of those who watch it and influences their behaviour. Soft pornography degrades women. The systematic degradation of women is accepted, while a similar degradation of ethnic or religious minorities would not be acceptable.

Sexual abuse is the same as physical abuse and psychological abuse – a desire to dominate another person and to gratify self. Sex abuse has a sexual orientation. Thebattle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities and powers. Everything, which happens in the seen World, is a manifestation of what is happening in the unseen World. There has not been a lot of overt spiritual possession in Britain for a long time. Materialism, which is one of the gods of the nation, looks only on the physical aspect and not on the spiritual dimension.

A god is someone or something, which fills the mind, fuels the imagination and motivates the body to move in response to the impulses of the mind. So in this way sex is a god to many people. Sexual sins, like lust, are subject to the principles, which govern all sinful activity. Sin is addictive and is a powerful motivator of behaviour. By and large the Churches in Britain, particularly those with a high profile, are generally unaware of spiritual forces at large in the land, since they have become secularised by the introduction of non-converted people. Therefore the enemy is free to unleash demonic hordes on the land, this being one of the countries most blessed and used by God throughout the centuries and which is a prize capture for the enemy.

Aids would seem to fit one of the categories of the curses or problems which will arise for any people who disobey the commands of God as outlined in Deuteronomy ch 28. Verse 18 says: “cursed is the fruit of your body.” Many cannot have children after an abortion. Children are now being born with aids. Verse 22 speaks of infections and plagues. These are not necessarily sent by God but are rather the natural consequences of ungodly behaviour, which reaps its own rewards. Without a turning to God in Britain, it is inevitable that the sinful behaviour of sexual abuse will increase. Many adults, afraid of catching aids from other adults, are turning to abuse of children, because the practice is ” safer “. The outlook is not good, unless the Church accepts the challenge to engage in spiritual warfare with the enemy of mankind.



Evolution fails to account for the following:-
1. The origin of the Universe. There is scientific proof that the Universe had a beginning. Nothing cannot create something. Sheer logic forces man to believe in Gen ch 1 v 1. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.
2. All matter in the Universe is in motion. Some power had to put that matter into its present motion. Inactive objects do not start themselves moving.
3. Laws such as gravitation imply a law-giver. The laws of nature presuppose a law-giver.
4. There is no such thing as spontaneous generation.
5. There is a universal trend to run down i.e. the second law of thermodynamics.
6. The marvellous wonders of the atom could not just happen.
7. The World is unique in the Universe and was designed by an all-powerful Architect.
8. The variety and balance of life witnesses to a mastermind.
9. The organs such as eyes, beaks, ears etc are all fully formed. There is no evidence of a partially formed organ. Such would have been useless. They had to come into being at once.
10. The instinct of whales, birds, bees, fish in migration speaks of a master designer. He fully equipped all forms of life to enable each to survive its own environment and to serve in some capacity in nature.
11. The song of the birds provides evidence of divine creation. How would they know to fly?
12. The wonderful body, mind and soul of man give proof of creation.
13. Not all scientists are evolutionists.
14. The distance of the sun to the Earth is perfect. Any different, life could not be sustained.

In each of the following, the theory of evolution has nothing to say of any help:-
(a) A mother with a son on drugs.
(b) A man caught in adultery with divorce pending.
(c) A man dismissed for theft from his employer.
(d) A man who gets £60 a week while his unemployed neighbour gets £50.
Evolution cannot help an anxious relative. It is not a philosophy, a religion or a discipline. It is an excuse. Those who say that the World just happened have no answer to the moral issues of the day. They have nothing with which to comfort the bereaved nor give hope for the future. Life is about relationships. A man is only as rich as his relationships. Evolution has nothing to say about relationships. It implies independence with no sense of responsibility towards others.
Jesus had power to cast out evil spirits. Jesus forgives and provides a fresh start in life.
Evolution makes no contribution to a person being reconciled to God.

The definition of evolution is: “the progressive development from the simple to the complex.” Aristotle first thought of it. Irasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles Darwin, brought it back into the foreground of public debate in the Origin of Species in 1859. The Descent of Man followed a few years later. Darwin was a good communicator and explained the mechanism in nature and how it happened. Natural selection is the mechanism.

Variation. Every form of life has the power within it to make small gradual changes i.e. the capacity to make small variations. Sexual reproduction causes gradual changes in reproduction.
Selection. The varieties, which are produced, are those, which are likely to survive and the less likely to survive will die i.e. the environment was doing the selection.
Mutation is a sudden large change from time to time. This was not Darwin’s idea. He saw evolution as an escalator while Lamark saw it as a staircase. Nature produced the variations and steps. There are two alternative ideas. Micro-evolution which means changes within limits or limited evolution. Macro- evolution means that the whole process is from the same origin.

What does Scripture actually say? Genesis chapter 1. Let the Earth bring forth by itself. Does this mean independence to nature to get on with it? There is no problem that sexual reproduction would produce variety and would adapt to the environment. Scripture has no problem with micro-evolution. The average Jewish man in Jesus day was 5′ 2″. People are now taller as a result of a better diet.
Each would produce according to its kind and this would seem to set limits to the reproduction. Genes have a built-in stability e.g. pigs produce pigs. Genesis ch 1 allows for micro-evolution. The pigment of the skin responds and changes in relation to sunlight. Facial shape and skin colour vary from East to West. However it denies macro-evolution.
Science says that fossil evidence teaches that flowers change with cross fertilisation. The fossil evidence is only a theory. The facts suggest that complex creatures appeared at the same time as simple creatures. Major groups of life appear simultaneously. There are no halfway species. Evolution is still only a theory. There are 3000 missing links still to be found to prove it.

The theory is so eagerly accepted for three reasons.
1. The fossil record reveals leaps rather than changes. No escalator but steps.
2. Genes are a powerful staballising mechanism and they minimise the chances that new forms will emerge.
3. Random mutations at the molecular level hardly explain the organised and growing complexity of life. Results are too complex. Chance cannot cope with it. The eye for instance has 130 million light sensitive rods, which convert light into electricity and send a message to the brain. How could the number of chances to create an eye possibly take place together? The eye is so complicated that it could not have happened by chance. The facts do not prove it. Science has not yet produced the facts to disprove creation. Was the selection done naturally by a mechanism or supernaturally by a mind? Was it the result of choice or chance? This is the heart of the matter. Is there a mind outside nature? Is the Universe the result of choice or chance? Either the Universe is the intention of God or an accident. There is either a personal or an impersonal power at work in the Universe. Man is the most improbable creature ever imagined. It is more credible to say that there was a mind behind it all and that it did not just happen. Man was the climax. Nothing has been proved to cast doubt on creationism. Why do some want to believe in evolution? Is it not better to believe that there is a purpose otherwise the Universe is an absurd joke?

God wanted direct control over the creation of man. It was a special creation.
1. Embriology – the foetus goes through the process of evolution. It is now accepted that science knows more now of the human foetus.
2. The organs are not required. Vestigal organs. The number of useless organs is reduced to 2 or 3. Parts, which man thought were useless, are now known to have had a purpose, e. g. the tail is a muscle to control excretion. Tonsils are doubtful. The appendix appears to be useless but probably at a future date science will discover a use for it.
3. Resemblance with the apes is superficial. Where there are two houses side by side, which are similar in the use of their building materials indicate that there was one designer who had two separate purposes.

Objections to the theory.
1. There are few fossils available.
2. They are in different places. They are not in sequence or related to each other.
3. Scientists agree that they are not man’s ancestors.
4. Groups came and went.
5. Leekie’s assertion that “the oldest man had the biggest brains” is not a straightforward line.
6. Science is confused. Wait until anthropologists make up their mind.
7. Fossils are either a 3 point foot or a 2 point foot. Man has a 3 point foot to stand erect.

There are five possibilities:
1. Science is giving a totally false information. Piltdown is a forgery. Scientists said so. Wait.
2. Scripture is wrong. Investigate it and it proves itself to be true.
3. Prehistoric man is not Biblical Man. Was prehistoric man extinct before or after Adam?
4. Prehistoric man became Biblical man as God put His image into an unbiblical man. i. e. there was a change of type.
5. Prehistoric man was Biblical Man and was a spiritual man. But Adam was the first man.

Agriculture began in the Garden of Eden near Mount Ararat. There will be a solution at a future date. If it is taught that man was an accident and if he believes it, he will come to behave as he believes. People become more proud, and not less so and more humble. Man may become proud that he is the dominant species. Man has been taught to look down on the animals and not up to God. Man has been encouraged to do without God. After Darwin it was no longer fashionable to mention God. Theology used to be the Queen of the sciences. But it is not so now. God has been edged out. Darwin taught that the World was like a watch wound up and set to go. This is deism. His motivation was to find an escape from God. The Bible says that all men need to know about salvation. It does not set out to man all he needs to know about science.



The word “curse” occurs about 230 times in the Bible. The word “blessing” occurs about 230 times in the Bible. Some people seem to progress spiritually up to a point and then appear to meet an invisible barrier to their spiritual growth. There are forces at work in the spiritual realm exercising a continuous and decisive influence on events in the visible realm. Some men face a struggle all of their life against something, which they cannot identify. A curse could be likened to a long, evil arm stretched out from the past. It inhibits the full expression of the personality. The revoking of a curse may be a prelude to healing. It is the interplay of the visible and invisible, which determines the course of history. Everything, which happens in the physical, seen World is a manifestation of what is happening in the spiritual unseen World. A curse may extend to a family, tribe, community or a whole nation. Once a curse is released it tends to continue from generation to generation until something happens to cancel its effects. The main vehicle of both blessings and curses is found in words – spoken or written. Prov ch 18 v 21. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Anointing with oil may impart a blessing. 1 Sam ch 16 v 13. Physical objects may become vehicles for creating a curse.

In Deut ch 28 Moses set before the people the list of blessings and curses. God is the supreme source of all blessings. Some curses proceed from God but he is not the sole source. A curse cannot take effect unless there is a cause for it. Prov ch 26 v 2. “A curse without cause shall not alight.” The conditions for enjoying a blessing are listening to God’s Word and doing what He says in that Word. Curses result from not hearing the Word of God and not doing what God says in His Word.

There are 7 indications of a curse.
1. Mental or emotional breakdown. Confusion and depression are key words in the list of curses.
2. Repeated or chronic sickness – especially hereditary. Malignant tumours are a sign of a curse.
3. Barrenness, a tendency to miscarry or related female problems. Barrenness may result from an abortion.
4. Breakdown of marriage and family alienation. Deut ch 28 v 41. You shall beget sons and daughters but they shall go into captivity. This is evident when children are taken captive by a rebellious subculture devoted to drugs, Satanic music and every form of the occult. Divorce is prevalent today. Families become alienated. Mal ch 4 v 5-6. Satan has as one of his main objectives to destroy the family unit.
5. Continuing financial insufficiency. Prosperity is a blessing and poverty is a curse. Deut ch 28 v 47-48. Without sin this World would be incredibly rich.
6. Being accident-prone. It seems sometimes that there is a malicious force working against some people. It is common for some people to say: “I do not know what made me do it.”
7. A history of suicides and unnatural or untimely deaths. In some families the whole family seems to die young.
The presence of one or two of these would not necessarily be sufficient but when several are present the probability of a curse increases proportionately.

Disobedience can take many forms. However, the breaking of the first two Commandments are the principal causes. Those who worship false gods and practice idol worship have deliberately rejected the clear revelation of God. They become progressively debased. God’s judgement rests on the people to the fourth generation. Two of the strongest cravings of human nature are the desire for knowledge and the desire for power. The two available sources of supernatural knowledge and power in the Universe are God and Satan. Satan offered to share his power with Jesus. Faith is the only legitimate door into the unseen World. All other doors are opened through the occult – the hidden things – by Satan. All who become involved in the occult are exposing themselves to the curse pronounced on those who break the first Commandment. Witchcraft is the power branch of the occult. 1 Sam ch 15 v 23. Rebellion is the sin of witchcraft. Witchcraft involves manipulation, domination and intimidation.
Divination and sorcery are motivated by the same desire to control people and circumstances.
Divination is the knowledge branch of the occult. Sorcery operates through material objects or through other ways of impacting the physical senses such as music or drugs. All false religions or cults, which claim supernatural revelation but which contradict the Bible or which misrepresent the person, nature or redemptive work of Jesus.
Physical objects, including books can be channels of the occult. They should be destroyed. A curse may be received even though the individual saw no harm in the activity and only did it for a laugh and did not really believe in it. Given the reference to the fourth generation the result is that each person may have a total of 30 persons in his ancestry who could have passed on a curse. Each child presented for a blessing in Church should have all curses over that life broken.

When the Jewish people entered the Promised Land God set before them the choice of living with blessings or curses. Disrespect for parents brings god’s curse. It is rebellion claiming that God did not do a good job in providing for them. A baby is helpless and incapable of self-defence while it is the mother’s womb. Some people who would never think of raising a hand to smack a child feel no compassion toward the baby in the womb. What hope is there for a society in which mothers kill their own babies? Sex is part of God’s creation for man and is sacred and beautiful. God has set stringent boundaries around the sexual act to protect it from abuse and perversion. All who expose themselves to sexual perversion expose themselves to the curse of God. It does not matter that the person only visited the fortune-teller as a joke and did not really believe in it. It is against the declared Word of God.

Anti-semitism. Gen ch 12 v 2-3. This is one reason for the present lukewarm, powerless condition of the Church in Western society and in the Middle East.

Legalism. The flesh seeks to perform righteous acts without depending on the supernatural grace of God. The man who seeks to do this declares himself righteous. He is self-righteous, declaring himself good enough to enter Heaven without the need of a saviour. To put human ability in the place of divine grace is to exalt the carnal above the spiritual. All religious activity, which is not initiated and directed by the Holy Spirit is described in Heb ch 6 v 1 as “dead works.” What makes legalism especially dangerous is that it appeals to earnest, dedicated men and women who would not easily be entrapped by these more obvious sins of the flesh. This brings a curse from God. Gal ch 3 v 1-10. Manifestations of such a curse are (a) the rupturing of personal relationships (b) the splitting of congregations (c) promising ministries are cut short or diverted from God’s purposes (d) once enthusiastic believers are blighted by frustration and disillusionment and (e) the glory departs from the Church.

Apostasy. Any other gospel than that revealed in the Bible brings forth a curse from God. Gal ch 1 v 6-9.

Theft and perjury. Zech ch 5 v 1-4. Theft and swearing falsely bring forth a curse from God. These 2 sins and the curse, which has followed them have contributed to the breakdown of family life – a unique feature of the present age. Ultimately it will erode whole nations and even the entire Western civilisation. Haggai ch 1 v 4-6 describes affluence. The Western society is plagued with a restless craving of lusting for material possession, which is never satisfied. It plunges people into debt. Mal ch 3 v 8-9 explains that man in his desire for more possessions is robbing God of the taxes He needs to run His Kingdom. One characteristic of the Holy Spirit is generosity. The Holy Spirit will never lead a believer to be stingy. Stinginess toward God provokes His curse but liberality releases His blessing.

Authority has been delegated by God to parents, teachers, police, government, etc. There is authority to bless and the power to curse. In each area it is given within a certain sphere. There is a revolt against authority in various forms. This has brought a curse from God. Family breakdown and problems between parents and children are a result. A father may speak words to a child, which are not deliberately intended as a curse but which nevertheless have the same result. “You will never succeed.” “You are not as clever as your brother.” The lives of many men have been blighted by negative, critical and destructive words spoken by a father to his son. Such words amount to a curse. Many men never have the confidence to progress in life, because it was systematically destroyed in childhood. “You are not good enough for our daughter.” These words spoken by the parents of a bride place a curse over the husband and the marriage. A widow with an only son who refuses to let him go to be a husband but who seeks to keep control over him is exercising witchcraft – control.

Words from a teacher to a pupil such as: “You will never be as good as your sister” or “You will never be able to read properly” act as curses over the child. A curse against a clan or a village can affect the whole clan or village for a long time ahead until it is broken.

Self-imposed curses. Mat ch 12 v 36-37. The words man speaks are crucial in their effects. Jesus only spoke positive, constructive words. Man speaks salvation to himself when he publicly acknowledges Jesus as saviour and Lord before other men. It is not enough to claim: “I did not really mean it.” Words spoken cannot be taken back. He is still accountable for the words spoken. God takes man’s words seriously even when man does not. Stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. “This is a lie. Names stick and hurt. In Mark ch 14 v 66-72. Peter denied Jesus. Later in Mark ch 16 v 7 it says “Go and tell His Disciples – and Peter.” It seems that Peter was no longer one of the Disciples. He had declared himself as not one of them. He had invoked a curse on himself by his words. Jesus re-instated Peter as one of the Disciples. “If you deny me before men I shall deny you before the Father.” When Pilate offered to release Jesus the crowd called out: “His blood be upon us and our children.” The Jewish people declared a self-imposed curse over themselves and a relational curse over their descendants.

By speaking negative words about himself a man can expose himself to a curse. Ten of the spies said that they people were giants and that they could not take the land. Only Joshua and Caleb entered the land. God took them at their own words. When a man says: ”What is the use of living? I would rather die than go on the way I am.” He is declaring a curse over himself.

Another way in which people bring a curse on themselves is by pledges or oaths when jointing a secret society, such as the Masonic Lodge. To be free from the curse the person has to unsay the oath of allegiance and destroy all physical symbols of the false religion. Even the wearing of a ring may have power to impose a curse. A ring often symbolises a covenant relationship. Israel was told to make no covenant relationship with the Canaanites.

Curses are one of the main weapons, which servants of Satan use against the people of God. They know who their real enemy is and attack believers. Believers who are undisciplined, disobedient and out of harmony forfeit their claim on God’s protection.

The word “soulish” denotes the activity of man’s soul when it is out of its proper relationship to his spirit. The carnal man interprets the Scriptures in his carnal and not spiritual mind. The wisdom he expresses is not God’s wisdom but Satan’s wisdom – that of his fallen nature. Titus ch 3 v 2. “Speak evil of no one.” This includes unbelievers as well as believers. Gossip includes casual and idle chatter and conversation involving malicious chatter or rumour about other people. Gossip is against the Word of God and brings a curse on those who take part in gossip. In taking part in gossip believers are being used as channels through which demonic forces are directed against other members of Christ’s body. Jesus warns believers about the sin of taking the position of judge when God has not assigned that position to them. The same kind of criticism will in course be directed towards them. “As you have done unto others so it will be done to you.” This is the message of Obadiah.

Even in prayer a believer who has moved into disobedience finds that his prayer is an abomination. Prov ch 28 v 9. There are 2 requirements for effective prayer – humility and purity of motive. When praying for fellow believers, a believer must guard against accusation and seeking to control. It is the work of the enemy to accuse believers before God and to seek to control them. He needs no help from believers. A believer is not free to come before God with a catalogue of the faults of a fellow believer. Heaviness experienced by a believer when praying may be due to another believer – well-intentioned but misguided – who is accusing him before God. “I will not lift my hand or voice against the Lord’s anointed.” A believer dare not make the arrogant assumption that he has the right to “play God” in the life of another.

The Divine Exchange.
Jesus was punished that believers might be forgiven.
Jesus was wounded that believers might be healed.
Jesus was made sin with the sinfulness of believers that they might become righteous with His righteousness.
Jesus died the death for believers that they might share His life.
Jesus became poor with the poverty of believers that they might become rich with His riches.
Jesus bore the shame of believers that they might share His glory.
Jesus endured the rejection of believers that they might have His acceptance as children of God.
Jesus became a curse that believers might receive a blessing.

7 Steps to release from a curse.
Man determines his destiny by the choices he makes. Not to choose is in effect a wrong choice.
1. A man should confess faith in Christ and in His sacrifice on his behalf.
2. Repent of all rebellion and sins. A man who has truly repented no longer argues with God.
3. Claim forgiveness of all sins.
4. A man should forgive all other people who have ever harmed him or wronged him. Unforgiveness is one of the greatest barriers to healing. Mark ch 11 v 25. Forgiveness is a decision of the will and does not depend on emotions. Eph ch 6 v 12. Sometimes it helps to see that it is not flesh and blood, which has caused the difficulties for another person but an evil spirit possessing an individual.
5. Renounce all contact with anything to do with the occult or Satanic. Ask God to put His finger on anything, which is offensive to Him.
6. Pray a prayer for release. There are 2 stages – receiving and having. Receiving is the cause from which having follows as the effect.
7. A man should then believe that he has received and go on in God’s blessing.

Living under a curse often makes it difficult for a person to envisage what it would be like to enjoy the corresponding blessing. God does not reveal in advance the precise way in which he will work in each life or the precise time when he will put the blessing into operation and lift the curse. Authority is effective only in so far as it is exercised. The challenge is to move from the legal position to the experiential. God gave the Land to Joshua but it was some time later when he physically occupied that land. He who overcomes will inherit all things. Satan will continually oppose believers with mental and emotional pressures – doubts, fears, guilt and confusion. He may also assail their bodies with various forms of physical infirmity. These must be opposed as Jesus did with the spoken Word of God. The Kingdom of God takes forcefulness – an attitude of fixed determination, which presses ahead regardless of every kind of difficulty or discouragement. After confession there is a need for proclamation – shouting out to others what the Lord has done – thankfulness for what God has done and praise for who He is. Psalm 100 v 4.

To pass from curse to the blessing of God requires from His people 3 things – repentance, revocation and replacement.

Words spoken as a curse provide demons with a gateway into the world to build thought strongholds in people’s hearts, which provide a means for Satan to express his purposes through sinful human beings. The power of these words must be broken in the realm of the spirit and the way to do that is by the authority that we have been given in Jesus Christ. Some people may say, “So what? He is only one man. What do his words matter?” Remember it was one man Adolf Hitler whose words were used by Satan to build the terrible stronghold of Nazism that led to the deaths of millions of people during the darkness of the Third Reich and the horrible carnage of World War II and the Holocaust.