The Andrew Discipleship School – Kampala

The Andrew Discipleship School – Kampala comes to you from the heart of Africa in Uganda, close to the source of the mighty River Nile.

In 1990 David Masson, who had been a lawyer in Scotland since 1961, received a word of prophecy in Dundee, Scotland that he would be a pastor to pastors. Had the word said that the pastors would be 5,000 miles away in Africa he would have laughed like Sarah. He was not even a member of a Church at that time but he believed the Word and immediately started a small house Church. Each week he prepared teaching for the small group.

In 1994 the Lord dropped into his mind the idea of going to Uganda with a team from the Church in Dundee. While there he met with John Michael Mugerwa, Pastor of Saints Gate Pentecostal Church, Kampala. John was born again of the Spirit of God in 1982 and in 1984 assumed responsibility for a new Church in Katwe, one of the slum areas on the southern edge of the capital city of Uganda. The Church began with two women. In 2014 there are 2,000 at worship on a Sunday and many midweek meetings for different groups. There are 20 sister Churches in various parts of Uganda. John established a School / orphanage where 1,600 children receive accommodation, primary and secondary education, and training for life.

John and Family

During the few days David and John spent together in 1994 the idea formed of establishing a Bible School to teach the pastors of Kampala and throughout Uganda. The Andrew Discipleship School – Kampala was established. David sent Bible teaching notes to John in Kampala for translation and use in the teaching of students. Between 1994 and 2014 several hundred students have studied at the Bible School and received a diploma.

The Andrew Discipleship School wishes to make Bible teaching notes available to young pastors throughout the continent of Africa. Psalm 138 v 2 says that the Lord exalts above everything else in all creation His name and His word. The teaching notes are not intended to be a comprehensive teaching of Scripture. They are the product of many years of study by David and are designed to help young Pastors in particular and people in general understand the full counsel of God. The Word of God advises that all teaching should be tested against the Scriptures. This applies to all the material on this web site. The thrust of the teaching of Jesus (John ch 8 v 32) was to teach the truth and set men and women free from their sins, liberating them to serve the Living God. This has been and continues to be the vision of the Andrew Discipleship School, Kampala. Sadly John was fatally injured in a road accident on 27th October 2011. John’s wife Evah Mugerwa continues to oversee the Church in Katwe and the school / orphanage.

The First Students

J. I. Packer in Knowing God says this: “Nothing will so enlarge the intellect, nothing so magnify the whole soul of man, as a devout, earnest, continued investigation of the great subject of the Deity.”

1. The Pentateuch.
Numbers. Notes on Genesis. Leviticus Summary. Leviticus. Genesis Chapters. Genesis. Exodus. Deuteronomy.
2. A Land and a Kingdom.
2 Samuel. Samuel Books. Ruth. Judges. Joshua. First Samuel. Second Samuel. 2 Kings. 1 Kings.
3. Wisdom Literature.
Wisdom Literature. Song of Solomon. Psalms. Proverbs. Job. Ecclesiastes.
4. Major Prophets.
Lamentations. Jeremiah. Isaiah ch 1-14. Isaiah ch 15-40. Isaiah ch 41 –66. Isaiah Chapters. Ezekiel. Daniel Chapters 7-12. Daniel Chapters 1-6.
5. Minor Prophets.
Zephaniah. Zechariah. The man Jonah. Obadiah. Nahum. Micah. Jonah 2. Joel. Hosea. Haggai. Habakkuk. Amos. Jonah.
6. Struggle to survive.
Nehemiah. Malachi. Ezra. Esther. Chronicles.
7. Gospels.
Matthew Summary. Matthew. Mark. Mark Summary. Mark’s Gospel. Luke. Luke Summary. Acts.
8. John’s Gospel.
Chs 18-21. Chs 16-17. Chs 13-15. Chs 10-12. Chs 5-9. Chs 1-4.
9. Paul’s Letters.
Titus. Second Timothy. Second Thessalonians. Second Corinthians. Romans Summary. Romans. Philippians Summary. Philippians. Philemon. Galatians Summary. Galatians. First Timothy. First Thessalonians. First Corinthian Summary. First Corinthians. Colossians Summary. Colossians.
10. Peter’s Letters.
Second Peter. First Peter.
11. Treatises.
James. Hebrews. Ephesians 2. Ephesians.
12. Towards glory.
Jude. Revelation. Jude. Second and Third John. First John
A. Doctrine.
Election. Knowing God. God. The Call of God. Adoption. Grace despite sin. The Holy Spirit. Sin. Grace. Faith. The Second Coming. The Church. Anthrology.
B. Israel.
The Jewish People. History of the Jewish People. Present day Israel. Jerusalem. Israel Today. Time Line of Israel. The People Israel. The Land of Israel. The Covenant. End Time Prophecies. Herod the Great. Facts about Israel. Anti-semitism.
C. Spiritual warfare.
Righteousness. Evil spirits. Deception. Wiles of the Devil. Occult. Strongholds. Europe. Deliverance. (Horrobin) Authority of believer. Angels.
D. Spiritual Giants.
Deuteronomy ch 7. The Perizzites. The Canaanites. The Jebusites. The 7 spiritual Giants. The Hivites. The Hittites. The Amorites. Giants. The Girgashites.
E. The Bible.
Biblical interpretation. The Beatitudes. The Will of God. The Plagues. Themes. The Early Church. The Bible. Numerology. The names of God. Creation. The history of the Church.
F. Jesus.
Names of Jesus. Holiness. Worship of Jesus. Types. Titles of Jesus. The Prisoner. The Kingdom of God. The Feast of Tabernacles. The Return of Jesus. Psalm 22. Jesus the Prophet. Jesus the Priest. Jesus the King. Jesus the Counsellor. I am. Christ.
G. The Future.
Throne of God. Gog and Magog. The Eternal Purpose of God. 1000 years. Isaiah ch 24. Hell. Heaven.
H. Apology.
Humanism 2. Humanism. Humanism 3. Blood.
I. Preventing Growth.
Gossip. Sex abuse. Roots. Temptation. Stress. Remove veils. Shadows. Idolatry. Self-deception. Contentment. Anger.
J. Obstacles to growth. Shame. Rejection. Obstacles to spiritual growth. Memory. Jealousy. Inferiority complex. Fear.
K. Leadership.
The fruit and gifts of the Spirit. Growth. Alone. Spiritual leadership. Prayers. Prayer. Maturity. Marriage. Leadership. Discipleship. Prayer. Personal growth.
L. Distractions.
Babylonian Mystery Religion. New World Order. Isms. Suffering. Soul Ties. Sex. Evolution. Curses.
M. People.
Bartimeaus. Barnabas. Lot. Nebuchadnezzar. The Dying Thief. Samson. Rahab. Nicodemus. Legion. Judas. Josiah. Joseph (Father of Jesus.) Joseph of Arimathea. Ham. Bathsheba.
N. God’s Five Covenants.
O. The Ten Commandments.
P. Life and death.
Euthanasia. Abortion.
Q. Illustrations.
Answers. Notes. Illustrations 1. Illustrations 2.
R. Judgement.
The Books. Judgement. The Wrath of God.
S. Healing.
Preventative medicine. Healing checklist. Healing.
T. Crucifixion and Resurrection.
Passover in Jerusalem. Resurrection.
U. Addictions.
Addictions. Yourself. Gambling. Chance.
V. Talks.
David a man after God’s heart. What do you think of Christ? Psalm 22. The Dying Thief. The Fiery Furnace. God Calling. The White Stone. Multitudes in the Valley of Decision. Sons of Greece.